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  • Halloween Lighting with Juice

    Halloween Lighting with Juice With Halloween fast approaching, lighting could be the perfect way to transform your home into a haunted haven in time for the spooky season. Whether you’re planning on throwing a party, or just scaring excitable trick or treaters, why not discover how lighting could enhance the experience for everyone this Halloween?
    Colour is the ultimate way to curate the mood of a room and adding a red or green strip light to your party space could completely transform the atmosphere. The Firstlight LED St…


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  • How Lighting Could be the Key to Increasing your Employees’ Productivity

    How Lighting Could be the Key to Increasing your Employees’ Productivity Environment plays a larger role in our productivity than we once thought, so as employers we can no longer afford to ignore the interior design of our workplaces. Studies have demonstrated that a poorly designed office could be detrimental to productivity levels. And, with research suggesting that globally as many as 1 in 3 employees are unengaged in the workplace, improving the working environment could be the key to changing this!
    Interior design experts have recommended that the design of a w…


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  • Which LED Light Bulbs Should You Choose?

    Which LED Light Bulbs Should You Choose?
    You’ve probably heard countless people rave about the benefits of LED bulbs. And these people are right - LEDs are a great option, both for saving energy and saving money. Plus, they look great too. But there are lots of different types of LED bulbs you can get - so how do you know which ones you need? Read our handy guide to find out.
    First things first
    As when buying any type of bulb, you first of all need to check the fitting type of where you want to install it. Will you need a bayonet ca…


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  • What is an IP Rating?

    What is an IP Rating? If you’ve started looking for some exciting new electrical goods to spruce up your home, you may have noticed something called an IP rating popping up. You might not realise it, but if you've ever purchased an electrical item in the past, chances are you’ve come across an IP rating before.
    Although we often ignore these, it’s important to understand what they mean, particularly for those of you who are planning on placing your new item outside or in an area which is exposed to liquids, suc…


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  • How to Use Lighting to Enhance your Bathroom this Autumn

    How to Use Lighting to Enhance your Bathroom this Autumn Nobody wants to admit it but it’s time we did: summer is coming to an end. Yes, September officially marks the start of autumn and as our tans fade and the nights get longer it can be easy to be left feeling a bit deflated. But, that’s what makes it a perfect time to add a little extra light into both your life and your home!
    Instead of dreading the dark nights, with the right indoor lighting you can enjoy them, using them as an excuse to cosy up in a hot bath whilst appreciating how your li…


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