Pop-Up Sockets

What are pop up sockets?

Pop up sockets are ideal for providing extra sockets in a location with limited space. They work perfectly in places such as kitchen surfaces where they can be installed subtly to maintain the design of your room. To use, simply pull upward when power is required and push back down to disguise after use.

USB capability

Nowadays, more and more of the technology we use is powered by USB chargers. Luckily, all the pop-up sockets from us here at Juice come with USB capability, meaning that you needn’t take up one of your traditional sockets to charge your phone.

Chic design

The chic and subtle design of all of the pop-up sockets from us here at Juice makes them the perfect addition to any home looking to increase their plug capabilities.

Colour choices

Whilst the design of a pop-up socket already ensures that the device stands out as little as possible with your current interior design, you can take another step to ensure the new addition blends in seamlessly by choosing from a selection of colours. Whether monochrome matters in your room or stainless steel is the one for you, at Juice we have the ideal socket for you.


Every pop-up socket available from Juice comes with a minimum of 12 months warranty. So, you can rest assured that your new socket is here to stay.

Switches and sockets from Juice

If you’re after a new socket but don’t think a pop-up style is quite right for you, then we still have just the thing. Check out our Switches and Sockets page where you will find a wide selection of products to suit every home.

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