Matt Black by Knightsbridge

ML Accessories, best known through their highly acclaimed Knightsbridge brand, is a leading importer and distributor of lighting products and electrical wiring accessories in the UK. They pride themselves on the mark of quality of their products, and we’re delighted to be able to offer a fantastic selection of them.

Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, this range of screwless light switches and wall sockets bring simplistic elegance to any room.

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The brand quality of Knightsbridge products is reflected in their incredible 15-year guarantee. Constructed from premium grade thermoset plastic, this array of wall accessories is high temperature resistant and extremely durable, whilst also remaining lightweight and compact. The Knightsbridge products are complete with an integral moisture gasket to prevent the wall transferring any moisture and tarnishing the plate.

Sleek design

Supplied with hidden mounting screws for a seamless finish, the Knightsbridge range of wall accessories boast an attractive and simplistic design. With an easy clip-on cover that creates a super slim profile, these switches and sockets are easy to install whilst providing an unobtrusive and beautiful finishing touch to any room.

The matt black switches and sockets feature an unconventional plate colour, moving away from the arguably boring white of standard plating. The matt black is offset by stylish brushed chrome switches, drawing the eye with its bold contrasting.

The corners are finely rounded, adding to the smooth and seamless design.

The Knightsbridge switches and sockets have a range of options available to suit your room; whether you’re looking for multiple or singular switches or sockets.

And if the matt black colour isn’t for you, the Knightsbridge screwless switches and wall sockets are also available in black nickel, brushed chrome, polished chrome, polished brass, and white curved edge.

Stylish switches

There are a variety of switches to choose from. The matt black Knightsbridge offers a choice of brushed chrome rocker switches or trailing edge dimmer switches. The dimmer switch is suitable for dimming all types of lamps, both resistive and inductive.

If you’re looking for multiple switches controlled from a single area, there are options for plates with as many as six switches. Or if simplicity is your thing, there are singular and 2-way switches available.

Wall sockets

Featuring matching black or contrasting white inserts, these wall sockets maintain their sleek aesthetic throughout their design. Available with single or dual plug sockets, Knightsbridge also offer the option of the new USB adapted sockets to free up extra space whilst charging your essentials.

Want to know more?

Juice Electrical have over thirty years of experience in the lighting industry. We only supply top quality products that look good and work well, so you can be assured that the Knightsbridge range are a fantastic choice for your needs.

If you have any further queries about the Knightsbridge range, or switches and sockets in general, don’t hesitate to call us on 0333 456 7895 and one of our expert team will be happy to help you.