Bulkhead Lights

Known for their practicality, bulkhead lights offer a great, affordable way to light up your outdoors. And with most bulkheads being rated at IP65 these lights are protected against wet and dusty conditions. Our LED options can also make sure that you save money and that your home or business is as energy efficient as possible.

Added to walls or ceilings, these lights are particularly good for commercial settings, in large buildings such as warehouses or factories. But whether you need safety, security or a more stylish option for your garden or business, Juice Electrical Supplies is here to help with a great range of bulkhead lights to choose from.

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    Get in touch with our Juice team for help with any questions or queries

    0333 456 7895

    Get in touch with our Juice team for help with any questions or queries

    0333 456 7895

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    There are several types of bulkhead available, take a look below to work out exactly what it is that you need.

    Fitted to walls or ceilings, these lights provide an important function; to light up when power is lost in an emergency.

    Fitted around staircases, these lights are particularly useful for guiding the way to safety. In the event of a fire, for example, these lights make sure people can see where they are going and can get out of the building as soon as possible.

    These more stylish options offer up to 40,000 hours of lamp life and can add a great deal of light to your gardens whilst remaining incredibly energy efficient.

    With a range of IP ratings, these bulkhead lights are fantastic for the outdoors and are all protected from rain. If you are looking for something even more secure, to be able to wash with a power washer, for example, make sure to get an IP55 or IP65.

    These lights make a great option to give your outdoors some ambience and keep your outdoor parties going even when the sun has set

    These no-nonsense bulkhead lights can provide your home or business with an extra dose of security.

    Available with automatic light sensors to turn on at night time, or with motion sensing PIR, these lights will bathe your property in light and help make sure that it’s safe in the dark.

    These are your standard bulkhead lights and offer great versatility. Available in geometric shapes, these lights provide you with a great deal of choice and provide all the functionality you would expect from a classic bulkhead light.

    Place on the walls of a garden for ambient lighting, guide the way to safety in your business, and secure your building from intruders.

    The team here at Juice is always on hand to assist with selecting the perfect bulkhead lights for any building. Feel free to give one of our friendly sales team a call wherever you happen to get a bit stuck.

    You can reach us on 0333 456 7895 or send us an email. We’d be more than happy to guide you through anything that is troubling you. Our range of bulkhead lights can transform your building – let us help you get the ideal setup today.