LED Strip Lights

Strip lights are a fantastic choice for bringing out your inner creativity and showing off a room to its best advantage. Perfect for illuminating dark corners and highlighting specific areas in a room, LED strip lights are one of the most versatile forms of lighting, suitable for a whole host of buildings such as homes, offices, hotels and boutiques.

We offer a comprehensive range of different colours, shapes and accessories so that you can create exactly the look you want and really customise your space with super cool lighting. Take a look at our selection.

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The LED strip light is wonderful for creating that soft, soothing lighting effect that helps you relax at the end of a long day or creates a chic, sophisticated mood for a party. It is also particularly useful in the kitchen, to bring an ambient glow of light in and around cupboards, units and shelves. Another idea is to fit them onto stairs to create an illuminated border which will not only guide the way but add a little safety at night time. Very effective too!

We have a wide range of different strip lights available. We have rigid strip lights to go along straight edges, as well as flexible LED strip lights with self-adhesive backing to fit around curved surfaces. For the rigid strip lights, we also offer 90-degree angle and cross-shaped lights and connectors for joining lights together to create interesting formulations or have lights surrounding the whole room. In addition, we supply a comprehensive range of accessories, including connector cables, drivers, link leads, dimmers and remote controls.

You can choose from cool or warm white strip lights, different bright colours or even colour-changing options where you can pick the colour of the lighting depending on your mood! For example, we supply the Cobra ACLED LED Strip Light from the manufacturer Ansell, which comes in a colour-changing version, and you can buy their RGB RF remote control to go with it and change your lighting at the touch of a button. Or if you want to create a high-end home cinema effect, we also offer the PowerMaster TV Backlight Kit (Colour Changing LED), which creates a brilliant coloured glow behind your television.

LED strip lights make a great alternative to using your main ceiling light the whole time. As well as the ambience they create, they are also extremely long-lasting and super energy efficient. Led bulbs consume much less energy than conventional bulbs, in part because they give off less heat. This makes them great for your purse strings and for the planet! With a typical service life of up to 50,000 hours, LEDs are also a savvy long-term investment.

If you really fancy giving LED strip lighting a go but would like some advice first, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you. Simply dial 0333 4567895 or contact us directly on our Contact Us page.

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