Pendant & Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are often underrated when it comes to interior design schemes but installing them can have a tremendous effect on the overall feel of a room. They can add a further element of style to existing décor or be used as a focal point for the rest of the room to be designed around.

Juice Electrical Supplies offers a wide range of different lighting options that can be utilised with every type of colour scheme, décor and interior design layout.

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    Get in touch with our Juice team for help with any questions or queries

    0333 456 7895

    Get in touch with our Juice team for help with any questions or queries

    0333 456 7895

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    Our range of chandeliers incorporates contemporary and traditional designs in a variety of different finishes such as antique brass, satin steel and chrome. Chandeliers often invoke feelings of grandeur and our products will add a touch of class and elegance to any room.

    Our range of designer lights can help you make a bold statement and can add the finishing touch to a room. Whether you’re creating a look that screams industrial-chic or just want a stylish light to brighten your room we’ll have something to suit you in our wide range of designer products.

    Changing a lampshade is an inexpensive way of completely transforming the look and feel of a room. We stock a large range of products that includes coloured lampshades and pendant shades in a contemporary chrome and crystal finish.

    Our range of LED lights is available in a variety of different styles and finishes and is an incredibly energy efficient way of providing a striking lighting effect throughout the home. LED bulbs use less energy than halogen bulbs and have a long lifespan which means they’ll need replacing much less frequently.

    Our range of spotlights are available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs and the range also includes LED examples that are extremely energy efficient. They provide a simple yet effective home lighting solution.

    Our traditional lights add a classic and somewhat opulent feeling to any room. With a variety of different designs, our traditional lights are an elegant lighting option that will add character to a room.

    Juice Electrical Supplies stock a wide range of ceiling lighting products from trusted manufacturers. Our lights come in a variety of different designs ranging from contemporary to classical so you’ll be able to find the right product to suit you, your home and your lighting needs.

    All of our ceiling lighting products have been specially chosen for their quality, reliability and aesthetics and we aim to provide you with the right product. If you have any questions about our ceiling light range then please contact one of our experienced team members on 0333 456 7895.