Juice Electrical Supplies has all that you need when it comes to downlighting. Our range of downlights has something to suit all budgets and all styles of homes as well. All of our downlights are of the highest quality, and our varied and comprehensive range is sure to have something that will appeal to your tastes.

When used well, downlighting can really add atmosphere to your living space. So what are you waiting for? Delve right in and start finding the perfect downward-directed lights for your home.

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    Down-lighting, as its name suggests, consists of lighting fixtures that disperse illumination in a downward direction. As such, they are typically attached to the ceiling, to the top part of an alcove or to the underside of a shelf (or a similar high up place in your home) and used to illuminate whatever is beneath. Down-lighting is thus perfect for lighting up items on shelves (such as beautiful sculptures that you want to display to their best advantage), the contents of a cupboard, a particular favourite armchair or a small alcove in a bedroom. In short, the possibilities of downward directed lights are limited only by your creativity.

    One thing that it is important to remember is that there are many different types of down-lighting to choose from here. For example, energy efficient down-lighting is better for the environment – and for your energy bills as well. LED down-lighting has its own unique type of glow and they are also safer as they produce less safe. In addition, another consideration to bear in mind is whether you want your down-lighting to feature a dimming capacity? It is very easy to fit your down-lighting with a dimmer switch and this is perfect for those times when you want to vary the lighting, for instance when you wish to turn the lights down low before you snuggle up and watch a movie on the sofa.

    Large downward directed lights can be used to illuminate an entire room, and you can add an elegant shade to add a soft colour or a little direction to your down-lights. Smaller downward directed lights can be used as accent lights to highlight certain parts of a room. For example, a downward light placed above a reading chair is very convenient, whilst a downward light directed to illuminate a beautiful vase or other artistic piece will help to draw your guests’ attention to those aspects of your home that you are most proud of.

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