Bathroom Lighting

Many of us love our bathroom and see it as a welcome escape or haven where we can shut the world out, relax and unwind. Therefore, it’s hugely important to create an ambient space by using colour, style, design and, of course, lighting fixtures.

We have a huge selection of bathroom lights available, from ceiling lights to wall lights to mirror lights. You are sure to find exactly the right light for your bathroom. And of course, all of our bathroom lights also comply with all the required safety standards for use in a damp and wet environment.

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    Unlike most other areas of the house, bathroom lighting does have specialist requirements. You must make sure that anything you choose has the correct ‘IP’ and zone rating to ensure that your bathroom lighting fixtures look great, but are also protected against water.

    Consider a coordinated collection

    We have a few collections of lights that coordinate with one another, from various different high-quality manufacturers. This means that you can have a well-lit bathroom with multiple light fixtures whilst maintaining a stylish, uniform look throughout the space.

    Spotlights are perfect for highlighting certain areas

    For example, you may want the sink area to be especially well lit so you can see what you are doing when carrying out your personal grooming or getting ready for a big night out. Or they can also be good for lighting the shower so that you don’t slip over.

    Downlights and recessed lights for minimalist looks

    If you are looking for a clean, simple lighting scheme for your bathroom, then take a look at our range of downlights and recessed lighting. Available with a few different surround colours, they should be just what you’re looking for. Again, downlights are also a popular choice for the shower.

    Mirror and shaver lighting are your grooming buddies

    As well as the main lighting, that extra bit of lighting at the mirror for beautifying yourself is also very important. Alongside more classic shaving lamps, we also have some exciting integrated LED mirror lighting for a touch of glamour in your bathroom! There is even a mirror with an LED clock!

    Switch to LED bathroom lighting fixtures and save up to 80% of energy

    It’s no secret that LED is the latest big trend when it comes to lighting, and it’s not hard to see why. Using up to 80% less energy than standard bulbs, LED lights save on money and on the old carbon footprint. They are also very long-lasting, which saves you the hassle of having to change bulbs all the time.

    Do you have a question or need some advice on bathroom lighting? Feel free to call our friendly, expert sales team on 0333 4567895.