Industrial Floodlights

Lighting plays a big part in the safety and security around your premises. Choosing the correct Industrial Floodlights for your business is an important decision, and one with many factors to consider. Juice Electrical offer a selection of high-quality and low-cost floodlights by trusted brands to suit your commercial needs.

From general purpose and security lighting to feature lighting for bridges and statues, floodlights have a wide range of industrial uses, both indoor and outdoor.

Floodlights provide an even flow of light perfect for large open spaces such as car parks, warehouses and playing fields. They are an economical lighting solution, providing large amounts of light at a low running cost.

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    Get in touch with our Juice team for help with any questions or queries

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    Get in touch with our Juice team for help with any questions or queries

    0333 456 7895

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    Floodlights are a great security solution, illuminating any high-risk areas and providing good colour rendering for clearer CCTV capture. Good lighting on your premises can also deter criminals by simply being there. Daylight or cool white lighting is a stronger deterrent than warmer colours, as they appear brighter and more alarming to our eyes, especially when paired with a motion sensor.

    Floodlights are a reliable source of additional security, as they are designed to be extremely long life, staying bright for tens of thousands of hours. This makes them ideal for hard-to-reach places, as they require less maintenance. Floodlights offer extreme environmental resistance, meaning they can be used in almost any location.

    The latest industrial floodlight products use LED bulbs, as they use a considerably reduced wattage (up to 90% more efficient than halogen), saving energy whilst remaining highly economical. They are also more resistant to cold and shock, making them very reliable.

    If you’re looking for a floodlight that turns off when not in use, choose one with a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) so that the light is activated only by movement. These can potentially scare off any potential wrongdoers and are generally better for the environment.

    Always analyse the requirements of the designated area before investing in industrial floodlights. Consider what area the light needs to cover – what height and angle will the light need to be at? Will it be on all the time? Will there be any obstructions, such as trees or drainpipes? What size light do you need? Do you need a high-powered light or will it be too bright for that specific area?

    Choose the right lumen output for your area – the higher the number of lumens, the larger the space should be. Your light source should be controlled to reduce unnecessary light pollution. Artificial light needs to be contained to avoid being intrusive to neighbours, wasting energy, and disrupting local wildlife. The naturally directional output of LED bulbs help avoid any issues with stray lighting.

    Take a look at our multiple floodlight options to find the right lighting solution for you.

    If you require any further assistance or want any more information before choosing your industrial floodlights, get in touch on 0333 456 7895 and one of our friendly lighting experts will be happy to help!