Choosing the right lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve the décor, atmosphere and ambience of your home or business. Getting the perfect setup can make all the difference between a home that wows and a business that boosts footfall. Yes, it really is that important!

We are huge fans of the power of lighting and as a home lighting and commercial lighting supplier, bring you the very best in modern and contemporary products. No matter what kind of noise you’re looking to make, Juice Electrical Supplies has the ideal selection to help you along your way.

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    When choosing your home lighting there are a few things to consider. It’s vital to know not just what style you want (whether you are looking for modern, contemporary or traditional styles) but also how much light you need. Your home lighting may look great but it should also successfully fulfil its purpose and provide the brightness you need.

    The perfect arrangement can see your home transformed and turned into a serene safe place after the stress of a long day. We have a wide range of warm and inviting products that almost beg you to put your feet up and relax in the living room or bedroom. There’s also an incredible selection of outdoor lighting that can lift spirits and instantly create an ambience that will make it almost impossible to leave the garden, even in the late hours of the night.

    Then, of course, there are our aesthetically majestic designer lights, adding class and style in abundance around your home without being too heavy on your pocket. Whether you’re looking for a bulb or a grand fixture, our lighting section has got you covered.

    For businesses, there are many things to consider when choosing your commercial lighting. Not only do you want your products to look great, but it’s also important to ensure that they are efficient, tough and give you sufficient lighting. To show how vital it is to make the right decisions, we put together this brilliant guide on how lighting can create a happy office.

    Perhaps the biggest trick up the sleeve of many businesses in terms of commercial lighting is LED lighting. These incredible bulbs last longer and cost less to run (up to 80% savings on bills). These nifty products are saving companies all over the world a lot of money and with an initiative in place to move away from traditional incandescent bulbs, there’ll never be a better time to make the switch.

    We also have a selection of security lights and floodlights that can deter potential wrongdoers away from your premises, keeping your business safe and your mind at ease.

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