Mirror Demisters

The bathroom is where you’re most likely going to be checking out your reflection. It’s annoying then, that it’s also the room where your mirrors are most likely to get fogged up, stopping you from seeing it. Well, say goodbye to this problem with our range of mirror demisters. Run the shower as hot as you like, step out and be able to check yourself out straight away.

From Heat Mat, specialists in underfloor heating comes a new range of mirror demisters. It is designed with efficiency in mind, consuming 50% less power than the leading alternative. Have a browse of the selection we have at Juice Electrical Supplies – you’re sure to find the one for you and your home.

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    It doesn’t just make life easier by stopping steam from fogging up your bathroom mirror, it’s also easy to install. The self-adhesive backing means that attaching them to the reverse of the mirror is hassle-free. It works with all standard thicknesses of mirror. At Juice, we want to make your home as welcoming and convenient as possible.

    Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important that at Juice we offer all manner of mirror demisters to make sure you can find the right one for your mirror. There are so many different size options to choose from – make sure to buy a mirror demister that is slightly smaller than your mirror. The mirror demisters also come in a variety of Wattages for you to choose from.

    It fits onto the back of your mirror so it will not impact the look of the room, except to make your mirror clear and able to reflect. It is a backing layer for the reverse of your mirror and works by heating the mirror to prevent condensation from occurring. The mirror being at a higher temperature means that the steam won’t create condensation when it touches it. The demister has been designed to be resistant to moisture, so it is entirely safe to use in your bathroom.

    Heat Mat has installed over 1,400,000m2 of underfloor heating for several customers with a variety of different setups. They have 22 years of experience backing them up and ensuring that their products are designed with quality and easy installation in mind. Juice is proud to be offering their products in our range.

    • Moisture resistant
    • Simple installation
    • See yourself in the mirror even after a hot shower

    There are a lot of options available to choose from. If you’d like to discuss your demisting needs, then please get in touch with the team at Juice on 0333 456 7895. We are always happy to have a chat with you.