Sun Ray RF Electric Radiators

Welcome to ATC’s range of Wi-Fi integrated radiators. Juice Electrical Supplies is proud to present the Sun Ray RF Electric Radiators. The electric radiator that is going to transform the way you heat your home. The Sun Ray is designed with Wi-Fi technology and with energy efficiency in mind. Bringing your home’s heating into the 21st Century.

The Sun Ray RF can be controlled via a mobile app and is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google HOME.

Available in a range of wattages from 350w – 1800w


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    Get in touch with our Juice team for help with any questions or queries

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    Get in touch with our Juice team for help with any questions or queries

    0333 456 7895

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    The latest version of ACT’s Sun Ray radiators, Sun Ray RF, is the greenest yet. The technology has been designed to offer maximum energy efficiency, with PID intelligent control to keep the temperature within 0.2 degrees Celsius of the set temperature. The adaptive start control also measures the room temperature before start-up so only the exact amount of energy needed to heat the room is actually used.

    Additional functions such as the open window detection feature and an eco-operating mode round off the excellent eco-profile of the Sun Ray RF.

    • PID Intelligent control
    • Adaptive start-up control
    • EcoDesign Lot20 Compliant
    • Eco mode

    Use the Digital Electronic thermostat with PID control to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. The TRIAC control means that you have pinpoint accuracy when it comes to temperature setting. 7-day 24-hour programming with three settings; Comfort, Economy and Frost protection, with full adjustability, means that you can tailor your heating to your particular needs and requirements.

    The manual control on the radiator itself has an LCD screen and large, clear buttons so that it is nice and easy to control.

    • Manual or digital operation
    • Range of operating modes
    • Low surface temperature mode to protect kids
    • Triac electronic thermostat

    You use your smartphone for everything else, so why not use it to control your heating, too? This sleek, modern radiator is part of a new generation of Wi-Fi connected radiators that will transform how you heat your home. Unlock full control of your home’s heating with a responsive app available on smartphone, tablet or computer. The easy to use app will let you programme your heating to make heating your home even more simple. You can even monitor the energy usage of your whole home with the optional RF monitor!

    If using multiple Sun Ray RFs in offices, apartments or hotels, if is possible to control up to 30 radiators from a single app. Each radiator can also be named in the app so that you can easily navigate them and manage the heating across a whole building.

    Many businesses who have replaced their old heaters with the Sun Ray RF have reported considerable energy savings across their business as a result!

    • Control multiple radiators via mobile app
    • Compatible with virtual assistants
    • Monitor energy efficiency

    Choose from the RF350, RF500, RF750, RF1000, RF1250, RF1500 and the RF1800. If you have less space, then choose a unit from the lower end of the range with just 3 or 4 fins, such as the RF 350 or RF400. If you would like something larger then go for the RF1500 or RF1800, which both have 12 fins.

    Each of the units is insulation class 1 and has an IP20 rating, making them safe and energy efficient. They are all constructed with high-quality aluminium elements and each unit goes through thorough quality control checks and testing in one of ATC’s European production centres.