Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units are a great way to create comfortable conditions in any interior space at any time of the year. Whether at home or at work, AC units can mean the difference between a pleasant and an unbearable temperature to keep you cool in summer and nice and cosy in winter.

If you’re looking to regulate, cool down, or heat up a room, then a portable air conditioner is a great investment for use throughout the year. However, they can be used for a number of applications.

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Air conditioners can regulate temperatures in rooms with lots of hot equipment such as server rooms, to ensure that these business-critical machines function properly and don’t overheat. They can also be used to keep delicate objects at an optimal temperature, such as paintings and other objects that expand or shrink with temperature changes.

When used sensibly, air conditioners bring a great range of benefits, including a reduction of risk to asthma sufferers, less risk of heat stroke and dehydration, better sleep, and more efficient working conditions.

Our range of air conditioning units are portable so you can move them throughout your home or office to wherever they’re most required. They can be used in any room with access to a window, as they use a ducted exhaust hose to remove the hot air. This is more practical and less unsightly than installing a window box air conditioner.

AC units have condensation pumps which push the water out along with the hot air, so you won’t have to worry about emptying the tank or overflowing issues.

At Juice Electrical Supplies, we stock portable air conditioning units from well-renowned brands such as DeLonghi, CED, and the Air Conditioning Centre, offering the best quality and most effective conditioners.

An air conditioner draws the air from the room through its filter and cools it down or heats it up as required. These useful machines will neutralise humidity levels, so you’ll no longer have to suffer from overheating and stickiness when you’re indoors.

Our selection of AC units offer a range of additional features for ease of use (features vary by product), including:

  • Remote control: Change the temperature in your space without leaving your seat.
  • 24-hour timers and thermostats: set your air conditioning to cool during the hottest hours of the day or heat up in the coldest nights.
  • Silent mode: watch TV or work away comfortably and without noise disruption.
  • WiFi controls: compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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