EV Car Charging

It’s an exciting time to be investing in an electric car. With many councils pledging budgets towards more sustainable transport, the electric car market is set to boom. Soon there will be even more charging points nationwide in city centres, public car parks, service stations and more. If you’re thinking of making the switch to an electric car, you’ll definitely benefit from having a charging point at home.

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    Although the upfront costs of electric vehicles seem more expensive, over time it works out much cheaper. Recharging overnight is a great way to ensure your car is ready to go for the next day and can take advantage of cheaper costs if you have lower night tariffs.

    Not only will making the switch be significantly better for the environment, but fuel costs will be drastically cheaper for you, too. Charging overnight could mean that electric car drivers drive for as little as 2p per mile.

    As well as this long-term saving, the government offer the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), granting funding of up to 75% towards the installation of a home charge point.

    Having a home charge point is fantastic for those with access to off-road parking. This will help speed up the process of charging your car as opposed to plugging directly into the mains and avoids trailing any long cables. Home charging points are compact wall-mountable units with weatherproof properties.

    The speed at which your vehicle will recharge depends on the speed of the charge point being used and how fast the car itself charges. EV charging points are available with rapid, fast, and slow charging. Slow charge points are useful for overnight charging, but some may prefer faster chargers so they can be charged up and go within a few hours.

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