Capping Nail

Capping nails are specialised fasteners primarily used in roofing and building construction to secure materials such as roofing felt and house wrap. Ideal for fixing both PVC and Steel capping securely to Brick, Block or Concrete. Characterised by their large, flat heads, capping nails provide a broad surface area that helps to distribute the load and prevent the material from tearing or pulling through. This unique design makes them ideal for securing delicate or thin materials that might be damaged by standard nails.


The wide heads of capping nails also strengthen their holding power. Ensuring that the materials they fasten stay in place even under harsh weather conditions. Such as high winds and heavy rain. Available in various lengths and materials, including galvanised steel to resist rust and corrosion. Capping nails offer durability and longevity for a range of construction projects. Available in three different lengths, 25mm, 30m and 35mm depending on the job in hand.


Whether you are working on a new roof or completing a home renovation. A reliable choice for providing strong and secure attachments. Their versatility and strength make them an essential item in any builder’s toolkit, ensuring that construction materials remain securely fastened and protected.


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    Get in touch with our Juice team for help with any questions or queries

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