Electrorad Digi-Line Radiators

The Electrorad Digi-Line electric radiators use both radiant and convection heat, making it the perfect choice for electric central heating. Styled to look like traditional gas central heating radiators, these electric radiator heaters are a great energy saving alternative that require minimal maintenance and much quicker and easier to install.

The Digi-Line range is highly efficient in both design and function. Radiant heat warms people directly as opposed to convection heat which warms the air. Combine this with a built-in thermostat and a clever microchip that reacts to the environment to maintain a constant room temperature using the most efficient method.

The Digiline will come with a new and improved control pad which brings with it the ability to use Zigbee home automation with mesh networking via the new app (gateway required)
The hub will connect through an ethernet cable to the router and pair wirelessly to the radiators allowing total control of the heating both in and out of the property. The Digiline can, as always, be programmed individually at the control pad without the additional gateway.

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