ATC Electric Radiators

ATC Electric Radiators are manufactured with the highest quality materials and advanced technologies. This is to ensure optimal performance, durability and reliability.

Catering to all budgets and requirements, their oil-filled radiators provide quick and efficient heating for your home or office space.

Discover ATC’s energy efficient ranges that we have to show you including the iLifestyle Wi-Fi Electric Thermal Radiators. They offer voice control compatible with Amazon Alexa along with Wi-Fi controllability via an App.

The Varena Thermal Electric Radiators are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and designed with the installer and end-user in mind.

The Sun Ray RF Electric Thermal Radiators which demonstrate unique advanced technology and controllability all in one radiator, leading the way for sustainable living.

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    To calculate the right size heater for your room, you simply multiply the length of the room by the width of the room.

    Next, you multiply that sum by 100 to give you the wattage required.

    Length of Room (m) x Width of Room (m) x 100

    Example:- 3m x 4m x 100 = 1200w – So you would require 1200W of heat to warm that room.