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Nuaire Drimaster Positive Input Ventilation

The Nuaire Drimaster Positive Input Ventilation range is one that is very well needed. Damp, condensation and mould are unwanted nuisances that can crop up. Particularly in older premises during the colder months of the year, these problems can appear as though they were invited! They don’t stop at being visible pests either. They can damage walls, furniture and the overall aesthetics of your building.

That’s not the worst part either. A massive 33% of people in the UK will be subject to some form of illness due to air pollution. Asthma and hay fever are the biggest examples. Ensuring your home has sufficient ventilation in place can considerably reduce the presence of these unwelcome side effects of the changing weather.

Note to landlords and tenants: This article is an interesting read and worth a look - 'Fitness For Human Habitation Act'.

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The Incredible Drimaster-Eco Range

Nuaire PIV products have long been known for their ability to effectively rid the atmosphere of humidity. The items excel when it comes to ensuring a clean circulation of air, taking away many health risks.

The latest offering from the world-renowned manufacturer sees the introduction of the Drimaster-Eco line of products. Everything that is great about the previous model has been retained. It’s then been improved on, especially in terms of eco-friendliness.

Here at Juice Electrical Supplies, we have a range of Drimaster-Eco products to help get rid of that pesky mould, damp and condensation. Say goodbye to those air related ailments and replace them with a purer and cleaner environment.

Silent yet Effective

The Drimaster-Eco models are completely non-intrusive. The super-quiet units silently perform their tasks, usually not even in sight. In most cases, they are placed in lofts and attics where they can effectively function.

They provide positive input ventilation that helps to prevent and actively remove mould, condensation and even harmful gases such as radon. Using PIV throughout the entire building, the Drimaster-Eco is able to prevent damp from settling. Settled damp can ultimately lead to mould in instances of insufficient ventilation.

  • Various makes and models including heat, hall and link controls
  • Easy to fit replacement filters available for long lasting impact
  • Comprehensive protection against all airborne nuisances
  • Enhanced eco-friendliness across all latest models

PIV Experts

The team here at Juice Electrical Supplies want to help you eradicate the hazards of dust mites, pollen and damp. We’ve even put together a blog post – “How to prevent damp and mould with Positive Input Ventilation” – giving you an insightful look on how the Drimaster range can benefit your home.

As ever, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call one of our friendly PIV experts on 0333 456 7895 and we’ll gladly help you out with anything on your mind.

Alternatively, you can talk to us by using our LIVE CHAT feature in the bottom corner of the page or send us an email using our onsite contact form. We’ve assisted many people just like you with their ventilation troubles and would be more than happy to do the same for you.