Nuaire DRI-ECO-LC Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Unit (Loft Control)

Nuaire DRI-ECO-LC Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Unit (Loft Control)

Nuaire DRI-ECO-LINK-HC Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Unit (Link + Hall Control)

Nuaire DRI-ECO-LINK-HC Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Unit (Link + Hall Control)

Nuaire DRI-ECO-HC Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Unit (Hall Control)

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  • Super handy hall control (HC) for easy commission and access for maintenance checks
  • Filter change indicator to ensure optimum performance is maintained
  • Low maintenance with filter clean or replacement every 5 years
  • Extremely low power consumption and running costs
  • Internal temperature sensor that continuously monitors the temperature in the loft
  • Much improved air quality
  • Meets Part F and L of Building Regulations 
  • Click on the 'Download PDF Manual' button for more technical information

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If you’ve ever had to deal with mould, damp or condensation you’ll know just how laborious cleaning and scrubbing it can be. Not only that, it’s not exactly the best thing for your lungs! Let the Nuaire DRI-ECO-HC PIV unit take the hassle away though and you won’t be disappointed.

The unit uses advanced technology to effectively purify the air around the home, taking away moisture that can lead to condensation and mould. Usually situated in a loft or attic, Drimaster-Eco products capture air as it enters the building. It’s then pumped through unforgiving filters where allergens, pollutants and gases are removed, leaving nothing but pure, fresh and crisp air. The clean air can then be pumped back out around the house to create a healthier living environment.

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is the name given to a ventilation system or unit which transforms a stagnant and stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy and condensation free environment by supplying a constant supply of fresh filtered air to homes with a loft space.

Located in your loft space, the Drimaster unit will continuously draw fresh air that comes into your home through natural leakage points in the loft space.
(see 1 & 2 in above diagram)

The air is drawn into the Drimaster through the filters and is gently fed into your home via a diffuser that is located in the ceiling of your central hallway.
(see 3 in above diagram)

The fresh air drawn into your home will ensure that old, contaminated and moisture-laden air in your home is continuously diluted, displaced and replaced with good quality, fresh air. The result is an environment in which condensation dampness cannot exist, and where allergens and pollutants are kept to a minimum.
(see 4 in the above diagram)


Arguably the number one tool for tackling invasive bodies around the home, Nuaire’s PIV units are incredibly useful. There’s also the added benefit of a handy ceiling diffuser, specially designed to house the highly-functional system controls. Whilst the unit itself may be hidden away, you don’t have to go traipsing up those ladders to ensure it is working in the best way possible.

With a simple push of a button, you can see when filters need changing from the 7 segment display panel.

With a fresh circulation of air at all times, you’ll feel the change almost immediately. Banish that damp and get rid of that condensation today with the DRI-ECO-HC PIV; you’ll be more than glad you did.

What is Hall Control?

The added benefit of having the system controls located in the contemporary ceiling diffuser. This unique feature offers the homeowner complete control of the unit, without having to enter the loft space. Not only can settings be altered with the push of a button on the contemporary diffuser, but there is also a 7 segment display which notifies the user of the need for filter change and what setting the until is running on.

How much does a DRI-ECO-HC cost to run?

To run the unit, electrical consumption would (typically) be about 1p per day. However, it should be remembered that the unit is making use of heat at ceiling level which would otherwise be lost. The unit will switch itself into standby mode when temperatures reach such that condensation would not occur within your home e.g. during the summertime.

What maintenance is required?

To maintain the optimum performance of your DRI-ECO-HC the filter must be kept clean and clear. The cleaning or replacement of the filters is required every 5 years. Part of the 7 segment display found on the ceiling diffuser will notify the occupier when filter replacement has taken place.

Condensation dampness is more common than you may think, particularly in older homes that are poorly ventilated. Excess moisture is produced by everyday activities such as bathing, cooking, washing and drying your clothes inside.

Condensed water provides the ideal conditions for mould spores already in the air to germinate and grow; damaging your walls, furniture and clothes and contributing to health problems.

Having the DRI-ECO-HC in your home prevents condensation by keeping moisture levels low. When used correctly it will protect your home from mould/damp and ultimately improve your indoor air quality, creating a healthier living environment.

Research has shown that preventing moisture in a home can reduce allergic reactions to dust mites and other pollutants that affect those suffering from respiratory disorders. The correct use and maintenance of your ventilation system will help to achieve this.



*Always get a qualified electrician to fit the unit!*

The unit is supplied with a pre-wired power supply. This power supply unit has a metal bracket incorporating fixing holes, which should be used to fit the power supply to a suitable surface, e.g. a wooden joist. The fan unit is also supplied with a fused spur. The 3 core mains cable from the power supply should be connected to a fixed wiring installation, via the isolator, via the spur, in accordance with current IEE wiring regulations.


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Warranty 7 Years
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