Saxby Atlantis Collection

The Saxby Atlantis collection is a range of beautiful, elegant and stylish outdoor lights that will take your garden or outdoor space to the next level. They are also extremely sturdy and therefore suitable for industrial or coastal environments. With various different types of outdoor light in the range, it offers everything you need to create an entire outdoor lighting look.

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Style and Substance

Perhaps the most striking thing about the Saxby Atlantis range when you first see it is how it looks. With soft circular shapes and a minimalist finish combined with the brushed stainless steel surface, Saxby Atlantis exudes understated elegance.

But the good looks of this collection are not at the expense of quality and durability. Designed specifically for the outdoors, the Saxby Atlantis lights are made from marine grade steel, which can withstand all sorts of wind and weather.

Saxby Atlantis Wall Lights

There are a few different Saxby Atlantis wall lights available.

Firstly, there’s the Up/Down Wall Light. This is a great little light fixture that projects light from both the bottom and the top, creating a great effect by casting light both upwards and downwards and offering fantastic illumination.

Alternatively (or as well as!), you can opt for the standard Wall Light, with a more classic style of projecting the light downwards.

For more focussed light, we offer the Saxby Atlantis Spotlight. This light is fully adjustable, so you can direct the light wherever it’s needed on that particular day.

Saxby Atlantis Spike and Post Lights

To complement the wall lights, the Saxby Atlantis range also offers a selection of ground lights.

The Spike Light is pushed directly into the ground with a LED GU10 angled upwards for optimum illumination. In an industrial setting, it lends itself well to lighting up signs at night, while in a garden it can be nestled among plants for an atmospheric look.

The Twin Post Light from the Saxby Atlantis range provides two lamps at floor level, with adjustable heads so that the light can be angled exactly where needed. It is also available in two different heights, 280mm and 450mm, to suit your requirements.

The Saxy Atlantis Range at Juice

We at Juice are proud to be a partner of Saxby, who are one of the UK’s leading lighting manufacturers, producing high quality and innovative lighting products. We stock a wide range of Saxby products, including the popular Atlantis range.

Saxby Atlantis products from Juice come with a 2 year warranty in case anything goes wrong (which it shouldn’t!). As with all orders from Juice, we treat you to a 14-day money back guarantee in case you change your mind, free delivery on orders above £90 (inc VAT), and a price match promise, so you know you’re getting the best possible price.

The Juice Team are experts in lighting, so feel free to pick their brains if you would like more information or are looking for product recommendations. You can reach the team on 0333 456 7895 or by filling in our contact form.