Firstlight Oslo Collection

Oslo, the name of Norway’s capital, evokes images of neat and clean architecture, and stunning natural landscapes that just beg you to stay outdoors. And here, you’re looking at an outdoor lighting collection that will keep you outside after for a long time after the sun has gone down. Firstlight’s Oslo collection is a brilliant example of traditional lamp design that is guaranteed to enhance the look and atmosphere of your garden.

This is a collection that offers you several different forms of light fitting, so you’ll be able to set it up no matter the size or shape of your garden. Wall lanterns to protrude off the side of your house, pillar lights to proudly stand on a garden wall and post lights to loom tall and illuminate the way. Please have a browse of the collection, we’re confident that you'll find something to love in here.

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Firstlight Olso

This is a wonderful collection that will turn your garden into a gothic mansion’s grounds. The black, traditional lantern design is an enduring look that always looks wonderful, no matter the garden. Firstlight have one again proven their prowess when to comes to designing light fittings.

Quality above all else

You don’t need to worry about your lights degrading over their lifetime in the outdoors, every light in the Olso collection has a 15 year anti-corrosion guarantee. On top of that, each of the lights has an IP rating of 44, so it will easily withstand water spray from any direction and small tools and wires. Top quality products is what we do and we only ever deal with manufacturers who have a reputation for high standards. We are committed to leaving you satisfied.

A range of products

At Juice, we are all about customer choice, so we fill our catalogue to bursting with a huge variety of outdoor lighting options for you to choose from. The Oslo collection lets you pick between two wall lights, a pillar light and a post light. One of the wall lanterns comes with a PIR sensor built in, so you’ll not only have a fantastic-looking outdoor light, but you’ll also sleep peacefully knowing that you’ve got an effective burglar deterrent. All of the products in this collection are wonderful examples of the traditional lantern design that continues to endure. The black colour scheme will bring a sophisticated and gothic charm to your garden or outdoor area.

  • High quality lights that will stand the test of time - a 15 year anti-corrosion guarantee.
  • A variety of light fitting choices to work in any garden - post lights, wall lights and pillar lights.
  • A timeless look that will work in your garden - traditional lantern design.

If you have any questions about the Oslo collection, or any of the other products in our range, then please give us a call on 0333 456 7895. Our friendly team will be very happy to help to choose the perfect lighting solution for your garden.