Endon Louvre Collection

A louvre is a window blind/shutter and, as you can see, Endon have pretty much nailed what you would imagine if you were told to come up with a cross between a blind and a light. This is another excellent and unique-looking collection from the master light-builders at Endon, a company we’re extremely proud to be associated with.

These lights will make any garden, patio or outside wall look so much better. The robust design will work with a huge number of different surroundings. The intentionally unnatural and futuristic look of the Louvre lights prove a striking contrast to a green and leafy landscape. We invite you to have a look at the collection at your leisure.

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A truly essential collection

Endon have such fantastic variety when it comes to their collections. It’s a manufacturer that can confidently go from designing traditional lanterns to stuff like the Louvre collection. Show off your garden at night or day with the stainless steel and die cast aluminium confidence of one of these lights.

Choose between the Exterior Wall Light, which could adhorn one of your outside walls, or the bollard lights, in stainless steel or black, which can stand tall at either 650mm or 1000mm. The bollard lights will make your garden pathway a pure joy to walk down after the sun goes down - friends and family will love spending time at your place.

The vented design of the lights in Endon’s Louvre collection gives them a vaguely armoured aesthetic, and it’s not just a look - these lights really are tough, in any of the forms they come in, in this collection. Built from tough stainless steel or die cast aluminium alloy and boasting an IP rating of 44, the lights in the Louvre collection are a purchase you’re not going to regret.

A brand with pedigree

Endon are one of the longest-established lighting manufacturers in the industry. They were established over 75 years ago and this long history really shows in the products they make. Part of the National Lighting Company, a global organisation, they have access to a world market of parts and products at low prices - this means that their technicians have their pick of all of the best stuff to make their products out of.

We at Juice love that they’re constantly innovating, designing and developing new stuff. It’s no wonder they come up with so many great looking lights that look great anywhere they’re put. Like us, they also strive to make their customer service the best it can possibly be, because they know how important the relationship with their customers is. That’s why we’re so confident that what they make is going to function as intended and not fall to pieces, and why we're so happy to sell them to you.

  • Fantastic blind-inspired slotted design will give your garden a unique look
  • Solid stainless steel or die cast aluminium alloy construction
  • A long-established brand known for innovation and quality

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Juice if you’ve got any questions about the Endon Louvre collection or any of the other products in our catalogue. Give us a call on 0333 456 7895 and one of us will be more than happy to help out.