Ansell Nizza Collection

Here is where you’ll find the Ansell Nizza range, in all its majesty. We’re so proud to be working with Ansell, a manufacturer that’s well-known for innovative designs and high-quality products. Here at Juice, we love that we’ve got collections of all kinds, from modern to traditional. The Ansell Nizza collection is one of the top examples of the latter and we couldn't be more proud to be able to showcase it to you. Please don’t hesitate to have a browse of the collection.

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An industry leading brand

Ansell have spent more than 20 years designing and building some of the prettiest, best-looking and most reliable lights that you’ll see today. They spend time and money constantly innovating and coming up with new designs, that’s what keeps them ahead of the many of their competitors and why their products are so sought after. They’re masters of LED lighting and are well-known for their ability to produce top quality products which offer incredible energy efficiency and excellent illumination.

There’s plenty there to love about them, but there’s one other important reason why we at Juice love them and wanted to stock their products. Ansell are also committed to top quality customer service, a goal that we share, here at Juice.

An excellent collection

This is a collection that makes you wonder why we ever designed anything other than traditional lanterns, it’s just such an iconic look that the Ansell Nizza collection nails over and over again. And it doesn’t just do the same thing every time. There’s great variety in colours, ranging in various metallic shades, and an array of mounting options, from post lights, pillar lights and wall lights. We love that one collection can have so much variety in its products, but still have an overall uniform theme that ties them all together.

An example of a post light from the collection is the Ansell Nizza Post Lantern (Black Copper), a dark beauty, which stands over a metre tall. This sturdy post light would be a welcome addition to any garden. The Pillar Lantern (Black) is a light that is designed to sit on a garden wall or pillar - it’s a beautifully designed lantern that will bring a classic and stylish warmth to a dark night. The Wall Lantern (Black Copper) would be a fantastic feature on any outside wall you’ve got - you’ll feel a proud warmth whenever you this wall light steadily glowing at night.

Reliable and high-quality

The Nizza collection is also put together sturdily, because Ansell have a commitment to quality and reliability that we share at Juice. Die-cast aluminium construction ensures that they’ll stay in one piece and resist the corrosive effects of the outdoors. As well as that, every single light in this range has an IP rating of 43, which means that they’ll resist small tools and wires, in addition to being protected from most water spray.

  • Every light in this collection comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, which demonstrates the confidence they have in the quality and sturdiness of their products.
  • Timeless design that will look great in any garden.
  • Huge variety of mounting options and sizes.
  • Quality construction and corrosion- resistant materials.
  • If you’ve got any questions about the Ansell Nizza range, then please feel free to get in touch on 0333 456 7895 and one of our helpful team members will be happy to assist.