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Konstsmide Lights & Lighting

Swedish company Konstsmide pride themselves on creating stylish and environmentally safe outdoor lighting solutions. The daring designs that this company comes up with will stun and delight you, but they’re not just pretty faces – Konstsmide lights range from garden and wall lights to fully operational security lights.

Whether it’s helping you stay out in the garden long after the sun goes down, or warding off potential wrongdoers, Konstsmide lighting’s superior ambience and security-boosting properties will leave you entirely satisfied. All of our Konstsmide lighting options are superior to many of the alternatives. When you see your Konstsmide lights, you should feel warmth, a pride in your designer choice, and a sense of real security. Juice Electrical Supplies is proud to be able to showcase this selection, all ready and available to enhance the ambience of your property.

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Konstsmide Lights

Our range of Konstsmide lights consists of just about any type of lighting you can think of. Solar-powered LED table lamps will give your garden an environmentally-conscious glow, wall lights will offer subtle lighting and garden lamp posts will bestow a traditional and timeless look onto your home. Anyone who visits will be immediately struck by the boldness and class of your illuminated house numbers. Box lights, such as those in the Palermo range, offer a unique and worldly design that is sure to elevate your garden above the rest.

We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for to brighten up your outdoor space. With a whole host of designs, styles, colours and variations, we’re certain that you’ll find the perfect lighting solution for your home.

Years of Experience and Class

Konstsmide have a 60-year history of producing high-quality products with an eye for quality and the aesthetic. All Konstsmide lights are expertly manufactured using tough and durable materials to ensure that they thrive even in the harshest conditions. It takes a lot to make these lights go out.

This isn’t just a hollow claim either – to prove this, many of our items come complete with a warranty and some even come with a 25-year guarantee. These lights will stand for a quarter of a century, easy.

  • Modern twist on traditional lighting, offering ambience and security
  • Unwavering dedication to bold designs, such as box lights
  • Strong, durable materials for unparalleled weather resistance
  • Warranties and guarantees across a whole host of products

Konstsmide lights deliver everything you need from outdoor lighting. Atmosphere, quality and safety that will re-imagine the look of your garden – this can all be yours today. In the words of the company itself: “Spreading light has been Konstsmide's main focus for more than 60 years.”

If you just can’t decide between all the lights in the Konstsmide lighting range, or want to ask any questions at all, please let us know. You can call us on 0333 456 7895 to speak to one of our helpful staff members, who will tell you everything you need to know about any of the products in this range.

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