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Ground and Deck Lights

Ground and deck lights are unique in that all you need to mount them is a floor, no need of ceilings or even walls - this makes them far more versatile and means that they can be used in places where lighting wouldn’t normally be able to go.

Ground lights also bring an unmistakable charm and ambience to garden paths and decking, which can really transform your garden after dark, if you get it right. And here at Juice, we are dedicated to getting it right, every time. We’ve got a fantastic array of ground and deck lights that are sure to bring charm and style to your garden, so go ahead and have a browse through our catalogue. You’re sure to find the perfect lights for your garden.

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Fantastic Variety

Here at Juice, we’re very proud of the variety of ground and deck lighting that we’ve got to offer you. This is where you come to for lighting that will extend your garden party long into the night. On warm summer evenings you’ll want to stay out the house for as long as possible and, here at Juice, we want to help you make your garden the place to be when it comes to garden parties.

Which ground lighting you choose is a big decision which is going to enormously affect how your garden looks after dark, and we know that you’re going to want to have a browse through as many different ones as possible. That’s why we give you options. We’ve got everything from LED walkover lights, to the toughest and most durable drive over lights.

We’ve chosen a series of the top ground and deck lighting manufacturers in the industry, including Ansell, Eterna, Firstlight and Saxby. All picked because they build high-quality and great-looking products with lots of variety in look and function. We’ll never sell you anything that we aren’t sure is reliable, durable and safe.

Unbeatable Quality and Safety

It’s so important that ground lights are tough and high-quality, because they’ve got to withstand a lot. That’s why all of our products are made from materials like marine-grade stainless steel and polycarbonate. All of our ground lights have a high IP rating, because they’re going to be stepped on, rained on, scratched and muddied.

They’ve got to be able to stand up to this punishment, so all of our deck and ground lights are at least IP65 rated, which means they’re completely dust tight and can resist water jets from any direction. Some of them are IP67 rated, which enhances the water resistance to include submergence of up to 1m for a certain amount of time. These things are built to last and we stand by their quality.

Some Examples

From Ansell, we’ve got the Inground Uplight - a neat little number that boasts a 12-month warranty, because we’re so confident that it’ll keep working. It’s got an adjustable lamp holder that lets you alter the vertical inclination of the lamp by up to 15 degrees. Eterna have got the GDL50SS Deck Light, a stainless steel luminaire that comes pre-wired with a 1m rubber cable. This light is sure to brighten up a dark night on your deck.

Firstlight have brought the 2337ST LED Drive Over Light - a hard nut to crack, it’s specifically designed to withstand the weight of a car, so is perfect for lighting up your driveway in a neat and atmospheric manner. From Saxby comes the Pillar Ground Light (Square), with a unique quadrilateral design, and constructed from marine-grade stainless steel. It’ll withstand whatever you throw at it and it’ll look great doing so - we fully believe this, that’s why it’s got a two-year warranty.

If you've got any questions about our products, or ground and deck lighting in general, then please don't hesitate to get in touch on 0333 456 7895, or you can drop us an email.

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