PIR and Motion Sensors

PIR and Motion Sensors

The world is becoming ever more technologically advanced, and so are our homes. Smart homes are becoming the norm, with electronics performing functions at the sound of a voice or at a simple movement.

Motion sensors are a great and subtle way of bringing movement activation into your technology, bringing the opportunity to save on both money and energy. PIR sensors are cleverly engineered to trigger electronics upon sensing heat, and have some interesting and inventive applications.

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What is a PIR sensor?

PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) is a type of motion sensor that detects infrared light emitted from objects in its field of view. In the case of humans and animals, thermal light is detected, meaning that the sensor is only using energy when someone is in its vicinity. This makes the sensor low powered and inexpensive to use.

Uses for PIR Motion Sensors

PIR sensors are small and easy to set up on both walls and ceilings, making them usable almost anywhere. These versatile sensors have all kinds of uses, from standard technological functions to clever new inventions.

PIR sensors are predominantly used for home security systems due to their accurate detection capabilities. However, they can also be used with many common household or business appliances and gadgets, such as automatic control for heating, lighting and ventilation.

For example, you can programme your sensors to start the air conditioning the moment someone walks in the room, or ensure lights turn off when a room is empty. This helps to lower electricity bills, as energy is only being spent when a person is actually using it. This is really convenient for offices and other work spaces, as well as the home.

You can get inventive and use motion sensors to turn your thermostat on when it senses you arriving home, or you could make an automatic cat flap for your cat!

PIR motion sensor functions

Our range of motion sensors at Juice Electrical Supplies are easy to use. Each comes with a compact and low-profile design to ensure effortless function without detracting from your property’s décor.

Many sensors also come with adjustable lux levels and time delay functions, making them highly customisable to your needs.

General motion detection is triggered by a percentage of pixel change depending on the set level of sensitivity. Recent design improvements have expanded the capabilities and applications of PIR sensors. Ability to adapt sensitivity has become increasingly more important with the expansion of sensor-enabled technology, and these products demonstrate it well.