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Rigid LED Strip Lights

LED lighting is soaring in popularity, and rigid LED strip lights in particular are a great choice thanks to the range of ways in which they can be used – fitting into spaces where it would be difficult or impossible to use traditional lighting. Jewellery display cabinets, kitchen cabinet lighting, retail displays, hotels, galleries and more can be brought to life with either cool or warm white lighting, whilst keeping costs and environmental damage to a minimum.

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How and where rigid LED strip lights can be used

There are lots of different ways you can use this type of LED strip light in your home or commercial setting to create beautiful lighting effects.

In the home, probably the most popular use for them is in the kitchen – underneath cabinets or shelves. It’s a simple and easy way to add a soft and warming lighting element to arguably the most important room in the house. You can use them to similar effect around shelves in other rooms, or as accent lighting to add a little something extra to your home interiors. They are also great for adding additional lighting to mirrors in the bathroom or bedroom, where the main light just won’t cut it – or if you want to get that film-star dressing room vibe!

Rigid LED strip lights also work really well in commercial environments such as shops or galleries. You can use them to effectively light displays or paintings, in a cost-efficient, eco-friendly manner.

These lights are great for outdoor applications too, thanks to their sturdy durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. They can be used alongside decking or steps to guide the way and keep people safe whilst also creating a great atmosphere.

The advantages of rigid LED lighting

These rigid strip lights boast all the advantages of LED lighting. The first of these advantages is their low level of energy consumption compared to traditional lighting. LEDs have a very long life (up to 50,000 hours) and use a lot less energy than standard bulbs. They have around an 80% efficiency rate, as hardly any energy is wasted in the form of heat. This has various benefits. Firstly, LEDs save you money in energy costs. Secondly, the lower level of energy consumption makes them really environmentally friendly. They are also free from toxic materials and fully recyclable – the perfect choice for all the eco-warriors out there. What’s more, LEDs do all this whilst maintaining excellent lighting quality thanks to their superior light-dispersing qualities.

Rigid strip lights also have the advantage of being very versatile design features – they can be easily installed in tight spaces where traditional lighting may not fit. Here at Juice we have a whole variety of lengths and wattage available, as well as both cool and warm white colour options, so you are sure to find the perfect solution for implementing your ideas. Easy to install, there’s no need to stick the rigid LED strip light down, as it stays put without curling. The majority of our fittings come supplied with integral drivers too.

If you fancy creating your very own lighting display and want to enquire about rigid led strip lighting, do give us a call on 0333 4567895 or use our LIVE CHAT feature for instant contact during office hours.

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