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LED Tape Lights

LED tape lighting is becoming more and more popular for bringing warmth, fun and light to an area as you can stick it just about anywhere. This opens up a plethora of ideas for brightening up those dark corners, highlighting certain features or attracting some attention to a chosen space.

The use of small LED bulbs means that this lighting option is also energy efficient and saves you money on your electricity bills compared to traditional lighting.

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LED Tape Lights & Lighting

We offer a range of LED tape lights here at Juice, from the premium manufacturer Ansell. They are a great lighting option as they are so versatile. They’re a favourite of ours because there is so much you can do with them. They can really lift a room with their soft ambient light, and have a more subtle, classy look than string lights.

Attach them anywhere

With their self-adhesive backing, tape lights are really handy. You can place them along the edges of stairs, around door frames and archways or underneath cabinets to create atmosphere. And because they are flexible, they can go around curved edges too!

Different colour options

If you are looking for a simple white, then we offer either cool white or warm white LEDs so you can create the look you want. For those who like a splash of colour, we also have fun colour changing strip lights, as well as a TV backlight kit for creating a nice coloured glow around your TV screen. Our (RGB) kits come with a receiver and remote control.

The benefits of LED

Using LED lighting has a range of benefits. First of all, LED’s don’t consume anywhere near as much energy as incandescent bulbs, which is great news for your wallet and for the earth. They also last for a really long time – up to 50,000 hours! So when you invest in LED tape strip lights to brighten up your home, you know can use them regularly and without having to fork out to run them, and they’ll last for a long time as well!


LED tape lights often come in handy kits that are supplied with everything you need such as fixing tape and LED drivers.

Waterproof options available with IP68 rating, which make them suitable for use in rooms with a lot of moisture such as the bathroom, as well as for outdoor use. Add some extra atmosphere in your bathroom for when you want to wind down, or decorate a porch or patio area or decking for evening entertaining on summer nights.

All of our LED tape strip lights come with up to 3 year warranties, so you’re covered if anything should go wrong.

If you’d like some LED tape lights and need to know more, please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable sales team and we’ll be happy to help. Simply call 0333 4567895 or contact us directly on LIVE CHAT during office hours.

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