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Flexible LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are already highly popular for display lighting and decorative lighting at home and in bars, restaurants and hotels but when they’re flexible too, there really are no limits. Flexible LED strip lights can be manipulated into all those difficult corners and irregular angles.

We have a great range of flexible LED lighting available, including different colours and lengths: the choice is yours! We even have colour changing flexible strip lights for those who can’t make their mind up, or just like something a bit different!

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Flexible LED Strip Lights & Lighting

A flexible LED strip light has a very sim profile that won’t take up much space and is extremely versatile so it can be mounted pretty much anywhere. As it can be cut to length if required for custom projects, flexible led strip lighting proves popular for a wealth of different applications from advertisement decoration to subtle shelf lighting.

With easy installation, up to 40,000 hours of light output and fantastic energy efficiency, these strip lights are an unbeatable choice! Check out our ideas for where you could use them in your home or business, below…

Ideas for using flexible strip lights

Like the idea of LED strip lights but not sure how or where you would use them? Don’t worry: we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve!

Door frame lighting

Elevate your doorway to become really special by attaching lights around the edge. This looks really great if you are having a party and want to jazz up the house. Thanks to the flexibility of these lights, it even works with curved/arched doorways.

Kitchen cabinet lighting

Affixing LED strip lights underneath your kitchen cabinets is a great modern and trendy way to add task lighting and atmosphere to your kitchen in one. They look really pretty and also let you see what you are doing!

Around skirting boards

This is a really fun way to use your LED flexible strip lights. Having them snaking round the edge of the floor with your skirting board looks really cool and adds extra mood lighting when entertaining or having a chilled night in.

Round the mirror

Create a movie star dressing room experience, without the price tag! Stick the strip lights around a mirror of any size or shape for a glamourous look and better lighting when you’re making yourself look pretty!

In windows

This is a good one for businesses, especially if you have big glass windows and are competing with other businesses on the street. Surrounding your windows with pretty LED lights will draw attention to your shop or restaurant and make it appear inviting to potential customers.

There are loads of different ways you could use your flexible LED strip lights…it’s time to get creative!

If you need further questions answering about flexible led strip lights, or any other products from Juice, don’t delay. Just pick up the phone and dial 0333 4567895, where one of our friendly lighting experts will be happy to help you.

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