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LED Bulkhead Lights

In the ever growing popularity of LED lighting amongst both commercial and property owners, the demand for LED bulkhead lights has increased too. Thanks to the many benefits of bulkhead lighting, you are able to enjoy robust and long lasting products that deliver on both light output and functionality.

These sturdy lighting fixtures are designed for outdoor use, meaning they are perfectly able to withstand wind and weather and supply reliable lighting in your outdoor areas so people can see where they are going and accidents are avoided.

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LED Bulkhead Lights

Often used for outdoor lighting and large indoor areas, LED bulkhead lighting is a great way to light the outside of your commercial or business property, or outside your home. Below we have listed just a few of the advantages of this type of lighting, to help inform your choice.


The first advantage of bulkhead lighting is that it emits large amounts of bright light. This means people can see where they are going and are less likely to slip or trip—bulkhead lights are great for occupational health and safety, as well as insurance. They work really well when used in areas with steps, for example. They also act as a great deterrent for vandals and thieves, bringing added levels of security to garages, pathways and driveways as well as warehouses and industrial units.

As mentioned, bulkhead lights are also perfectly suited to outdoor conditions such as rain, wind and snow. Our bulkhead lighting is IP65 rated, meaning that the electrics are closed off and thus the lights are fully resistant to the intrusion of dust and moisture. This makes them both durable and safe.

Energy efficiency

Another great advantage of our LED bulkhead lights is that LED lighting is extremely energy efficient. Unlike traditional, incandescent lighting, the energy consumption of LED lighting is very low, meaning that using LED lights can save you tons of money, and is also really environmentally-friendly. And on top of that, they last for ages—up to 50,000 hours! That’s a whole lot of light.

A variety of models

We have various different LED bulkhead lights available for you here at Juice. You can pick exactly right the surround colour and shape to go with the area where you are going to install it. If you are a real lighting connoisseur, why not opt for the Eterna LED Colour Selectable Ceiling/Wall Light, which allows you to select the colour temperature of the white LED lighting? Or if you’d like the convenience of a light that switches on and off automatically at dawn and dusk, then take a look at the Eterna LED Bulkhead (Photocell), which is available as standard, with integral microwave sensor or with integral photocell.

 If you require more information about an LED bulkhead light, or for any general information about anything across our entire website, please give us a call on 0333 456 7895 and speak to one of our outdoor lighting experts today.

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