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LED Shelf Lights

Many of us love our bookshelves and shelving units for storing and displaying our bits and pieces, so you'll be happy to know that, moving forwards, LED technology has struck again with LED shelf lighting. We can now add a little light to the mix!

Choose between a shelf with built in LED lighting or a shelf clip light that you can add on to existing glass shelves. These LED lighting options are a great subtle way to add a little extra lighting to the room.

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LED Shelf Lights & Lighting

Combining useful and attractive designs with the addition of energy efficient LED’s make them a must have for any home or retail premises. They can be used in lots of different places and contexts, whether as functional display aids or decorative features.

In the home, by using LED shelf lights you can add an ambient tone to any room as well as illuminating your favourite ornaments, trinkets or framed photographs. They are great for drawing attention to these things in a room. Or alternatively you can use them as a subtle source of ambient mood lighting for relaxing in the lounge in the evening or entertaining. You could also consider using them in the kitchen—light up your herbs and spices so you can see what you need when cooking and add ambience at the same time! The possibilities are endless.

In retail stores such as hairdressers and clothes boutiques, LED shelf lights can be used to highlight products for customers to see easily when they visit, especially if you have a feature product you want to draw attention to. Or try using a few of them for a more dramatic look!

These lights also work really well in a bar or restaurant, complementing a darker, atmospheric lighting scheme. Why not have an LED shelf light showing off your finest whiskies or cocktail ingredients to impress your customers?

Easy installation

Our LED shelf lights are a great no-hassle lighting solution if you want to add some supplementary lighting without a difficult or lengthy installation process. They are nice and easy to fit and come with instructions and all the parts that you need for installation.

Long lasting LEDs

Not only are our LED shelf lights effective and decorative: they are also efficient. You don’t have to worry about a sharp increase to your electricity bill from adding lots of shelf lighting, because LEDs famously consume only very low amounts of energy. They also last a really long time, so you get value for money in this respect as well.

 If you find yourself needing a little advice about shelf LED lighting or anything else on our site, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on 0333 4567 895. Our friendly team know a thing or two about lighting, and will be delighted to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

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