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LED Kitchen Lighting

Remember the days when kitchen lighting was a solitary (and ugly) fluorescent light fitting in the middle of your ceiling? Well, if you fast forward a couple of decades, kitchen lighting (thankfully) has been given an almighty face lift. We now have an abundance of choice out there, including LED kitchen lighting… and, what’s more, it’s attractive too!

We have ceiling lights for a brightly lit kitchen where you can see what you’re doing, and lights to go under cabinets for more or a subtle, atmospheric glow. And much more in between!

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LED Kitchen Pendant Lights

To bring a touch of personality into our kitchen LED lighting, we can hang ceiling pendants that are bold and colourful over islands or large tables. These types of light are all the rage at the moment: you might have seen them out and about at your favourite bar or restaurant. You could even line a few of them up in your kitchen to create a trendy European café bar style.

LED Strip Lights

Strip lighting can be fitted either above or under kitchen cabinets to bring warmth and ambience to your kitchen. In addition, they double up as an extra light source on your work surfaces, which makes them convenient and useful when doing tasks such as preparing meals and packed lunches. We also stock all the necessary accessories to go with your strip lighting, to cater for all your needs.

Other LED Cabinet and Shelf Lighting

As well as strip lights, we also offer a range of other nifty lighting solutions for the kitchen. For example, the Ansell Vertex LED Under Cabinet Light emits a circular light from a single point under the cabinet. Dotting them around your kitchen can create amazing effects. We also have a cabinet light with a door sensor, a drawer light and Shelf Clip Lights to stylishly illuminate glass shelving in the kitchen. Have a browse through our selection to see what will work well in your kitchen.

The Benefits of LEDs

Opting for LED lighting in your kitchen brings a range of benefits—not least economical ones. Thanks to their lower levels of heat emission and energy consumption, as well as their long service life (up to 50,000 hours!), LEDs can save you tons of money in the long term. Not to mention saving you the hassle of having to change bulbs all the time, which is the case with traditional bulbs. These things also make LED’s a better option for the environment, as well. Why not save yourself some money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time?

We love to spend time in our kitchens, so getting the right lighting is key to making it the hub of the home. If you need any advice on which led kitchen lights to choose, or on any other products on our site for that matter, we are at the end of a phone and happy to help… simply call us on 0333 456 7895.

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