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LED Ceiling Lights

A good place to start when converting to energy efficient LED lighting is with your ceiling lights, as they are probably the most used lights in the home or workplace. LED ceiling lights can use up to 90% less energy compared with incandescent versions and are extremely long lasting – many offering a whopping 50,000 hours average life time.

Here at Juice we offer a wide range of different styles, from more traditional to sleek and modern. You’re sure to find the right ceiling LED light for your space to create ambience and save energy and money.

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LED Ceiling Lights - The Economical Choice

Why choose LED lighting over traditional lighting? Well, LED lighting has many advantages. Firstly, LEDs last for a very long time. Unlike fittings using standard light bulbs, which need changing fairly regularly, your LED ceiling light will last for ages – around 50,000 hours! This will save you both time and money. And across this lifetime (here comes advantage number 2…), they will consume very low amounts of energy. Thanks to their efficiency, LEDs hardly let out any heat, which contributes to them having a very low energy consumption. This is not only great for the environment and your carbon footprint – it also saves you money on energy bills, making LED lighting the economical choice.

What’s more, LEDs are generally recyclable as they don’t contain any toxic materials such as mercury. Friendly for your purse strings and the planet!

Lights to suit your style

Our ceiling LED lights cover a wide spectrum of styles, ranging from simplistic, functional models to more attractive and eye-catching models which function as design features within the space. For example, we have elaborate, geometric lighting fixtures which can really jazz up your bedroom or lounge. Or we also have a range of spotlight fixtures, which are typically popular for the kitchen, as the lights can be angled to target certain areas where you need particularly good visibility for cooking. Have a browse and see which one would be right at home in your house or office!

A supplier you can count on

When you buy from Juice, you can rest assured you are purchasing from a professional, reliable company that puts you first. We offer you a 14 day money back guarantee, price match promise and free delivery on orders over £90 (inc. VAT). We also pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. Our LED ceiling lights come with a manufacturer’s warranty of between 2 and 5 years, and free LEDs are supplied with all fittings.

We are always happy to offer you more advice on any of our products and to advise you on the right light fitting for you – simply get in touch with us. Or likewise, if you’ve chosen your LED ceiling light but have a question for us we will be happy to help. Either talk to us directly using the LIVE CHAT (during office hours) or give us a call on 0333 4567895.

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