Vintage Filament Lamps

New technology meets vintage style with this striking twist on a traditional filament bulb. Designed using LEDs that provide energy efficient lighting, this popular choice of decorative bulb can create lighting with a classic vibe to brighten up any home.

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Vintage Filament Bulbs

  • Attractive Design
  • LEDs to save energy and money
  • Edison Screw and Small Edison Screw varieties

Unique designs to illuminate the room

Vintage filament lamps have become increasingly popular, as they accentuate almost any room design. They work best with minimalist light fittings, as they highlight the unique look of the bulb. These bulbs will be the new centrepiece of your lighting with their striking design and unique glass shapes – from traditional candle form to oversized spheres and patterned domes. The lines of brightly lit wire inside draw the eye and can enhance any style of décor.

Here at Juice Electrical Supplies, we stock a wide range of vintage-style filament bulbs from trusted manufacturers to suit most light fittings. These bulbs are most often used in pendant light fixtures (in particular glass) and chandeliers, or can be used with simple lamp stands to create a warm vintage feel. Our filament bulbs are available with either Edison or small Edison screw varieties and in a range of wattages.

Many of the vintage filament bulbs we offer are crafted with a gorgeous amber glass, and others feature tinted or clear glass that highlight the brightness of the diodes. There is also a range of filament designs; from traditional vertical wires to interesting swirls and diagonals. Some are compatible with dimmer switches to create additional atmosphere in your space.

For a truly unique and eye-catching bulb we recommend the Firstlight LED Vintage Lamp. For a simple yet highly effective focal point, we love the Endon LED Filament Globe.

Energy saving LED technology

These LED bulbs resemble traditional incandescent lightbulbs, maintaining their aesthetic look and strong light distribution, whilst removing the high waste energy output of conventional incandescent bulbs.

Original filament bulbs converted less than 5% of their energy into visible light, with the rest of the energy going into the high temperatures needed to create the light. Their much shorter life span contributes to their higher cost to run.

LED bulbs are much more energy efficient at turning energy into light than standard filament bulbs, as they don’t radiate waste heat. They create bright light instantly. This will help you save both energy and money over time.

Filament bulbs provide a wide angle of light distribution, making the strong light emitted from LEDs even more effective. Purchase an LED Filament bulb today and see how much difference it makes to your lighting!

Edison bulbs - check out our guide

The vintage filament bulbs in a traditional style with clear glass are sometimes referred to as "Edison bulbs". If you want to know even more about these trendy lamps, then check out our guide to vintage Edison bulbs!