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Light Bulbs, Lamps and Tubes

It really is amazing how something as simple as a light bulb, lamp or tube is actually truly incredible when you scratch beneath the surface. Many of us take these products for granted, but the fact is, they play a huge role in just about every building around the world.

Many of us will use bulbs every single day. Whether it’s through using the main light in a room, a lamp, spotlights, downlights or any of the other multiple uses, a flick of a switch provides the illumination needed to carry out whatever is being done. When you’re finished, another flick of the switch and it’s out. It really couldn’t get any more practical or simple.

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Lamps, Bulbs and Tubes

The fact is, modern life wouldn’t be anything like it is without artificial illumination. The majority of additional brightness comes thanks to these small yet mighty items. As time has gone on, major revolutions in technology have resulted in better options including LED and energy saving light bulbs, lamps and tubes.

A market that was once dominated by wasteful units, consuming power almost at will, has become a place full of modern products that not only supply crisp and clear light and incorporate eye-catching design but also reduce energy waste and in turn save money on bills. The benefits are obvious.

Juice Electrical Supplies is proud to bring to you, a stunning collection of multi-purpose light bulbs, lamps and tubes. Our extensive online catalogue is home to a great selection of products all ready and able to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

From the traditional designed bulb to fluorescent tubes and dimmable LED lights to metal halide lamps, there’s nothing you won’t find right here. So, whether you’re looking to replace a like for like bulb, or switch your entire building to energy and money saving LEDs, look no further.

Buying your light bulbs, lamps and tubes couldn’t be easier than when you choose Juice. With a huge range of LED and energy saving light bulbs, we have something for all lighting schemes (including retro-fit replacements).

Why Choose Juice?

  • Huge range of lamps, bulbs and tubes
  • 12 month warranty on all products
  • New vintage filament bulbs now available, retaining the classic look, shape and feel and offering massive money and energy saving

If your bills only seem to come in at ridiculous prices, replacing your old bulbs with newer more efficient ones can save a lot of money. Here at Juice, we’ve been working with LED and energy saving light bulbs, lamps and tubes for a good number of years now. Over this time, we’ve gained knowledge and expertise that we’re more than willing to share with you.

If you have any questions concerning any area of lighting, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email, use our LIVE CHAT feature or give us a call on 0333 456 7895. A member of our helpful team will be waiting to help you out, whatever your query.

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