High Bay Lights

Good lighting in the workplace is of vital importance for the health and safety of workers and customers alike. In buildings with high ceilings and vast open spaces, a practical, economical and efficient lighting solution can seem difficult to come by. High bay lights provide the answer for many commercial and industrial properties. High bays should be used in areas where the ceiling is higher than 20 feet to make the most of their powerful lighting capabilities and widespread coverage.

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Before choosing your high bay lights, the ceiling height, dimensions, and requirements of your space should be taken into account. Light intensity, uniformity and colour warmth should also be considered – brilliant white light may be distracting or blinding for employees, but will warm light might be too dull for certain tasks. Is intense light needed in specific areas or does your space need even coverage? Asking these questions now can not only save time and money later, but can also provide better health and safety in your workplace.

Benefits of High Bay Lights

In spaces where standard lighting just won’t cut it such as warehouses, factories, large shops and leisure centres, high bays provide powerful lighting that can illuminate large spaces from as much as 45 feet tall.

High bays offer uniform lighting with minimal glare. Spaces in need of a strong light focus, such as machinery operation areas or shop focus points, should consider high bays fitted with aluminium reflectors that direct the light flow downward to light a specific area. Warehouses and other structures needing all-round lighting should consider high bays with prismatic reflectors for even light distribution.

At Juice Electrical Supplies, we stock a range of round high bay lights and fixtures with a variety of beam angles to suit the requirements of your space.

LED High Bay Lights

LEDs are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for commercial and industrial lighting. Not only do they create high quality bright light, but they’re also economical, environmentally friendly, and very safe to use. By their equal light distribution and very low glare, LED bulbs provide more visual comfort for workers and customers than other alternatives.

LED bulbs help a business to save energy through low electricity usage and by producing minimal waste heat. Their fast start up times increase productivity and help to reduce wasted time waiting for appropriate lighting levels. LED bulbs are also longer lasting, making them ideal for lighting difficult areas where minimal maintenance is wanted.