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Ceramic and Plaster Wall Lights

Ceramic wall lights, also known as plaster wall lights, were made for those of us who like to constantly change our furnishings and colour schemes as they are paintable. So if you’re lucky enough to possess a creative flair or you’re a tad artistic, the sky’s the limit!

We have a variety of different shapes and styles available as well, so you can make sure your lighting completely reflects your own personal style. Have a browse of our fantastic collection.

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Ceramic Wall Lights, Plaster Wall Lights

There are a whole host of advantages to our ceramic wall lights. As well as fantastic designs, they allow you to put your own stamp on them too! Have a read about the benefits of plaster and ceramic wall lights below.


Our wall lights made from plaster/ceramic are a fantastic option if you want wall lighting that blends seamlessly into your interior design. Because they can be painted, you can make them the same colour as the walls for a stylish, uniform effect. It will seem like the light naturally exudes out of the wall. Or alternatively, you can keep them plain white or paint them a contrasting colour to make them an eye-catching design feature. In fact, the possibilities for painting and decorating them are endless—so let your inner artist out and get creative! And if you are indecisive, that’s also no problem, as these lights can be repainted again and again.

A wide range of different designs

We offer plenty of different shapes and styles of plaster wall lights for you to select from so that you can find the best option for you. From more simple options to patterned options like the Saxby Ripple (Arc), there’s something for everyone! If you’re feeling creative, you could even paint the Saxby Ripple in a few different shades, for example. We have uplighters, such as the classic-style Saxby Mini Crescent White, downlighters like the Saxby Box, and various models that emit light both upwards and downwards. You can therefore choose the lighting type you want to create the desired ambience in your space. Our personal favourite is the Firstlight C330, which is a trendy square shape with a cool glass square of light in the centre.

LED versions to save energy and money

For the economically and environmentally conscious among our customers, we also have LED models of ceramic wall lights available. LEDs are becoming ever more popular because they boast very low levels of energy consumption. This of course contributes to lower energy bills. LEDs also last for ages—up to 50,000 hours in fact—and delivers all of these advantages whilst still giving out fantastic, powerful illumination.

If you want to speak to us about ceramic or plaster wall lights or any other productse on our website, please call us on 0333 4567895 or use our LIVE CHAT bubble during office hours. Our friendly and expert team will be happy to help.

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