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Bathroom Mirror Lights

For many of us, the bathroom is where we carry out our personal grooming and get ourselves looking good before we go out. This of course means that we need good lighting around the mirror so that we can see what we are doing.

You can either purchase a separate light to go over an existing mirror or opt for a stylish mirror with built in LED lighting, to add a touch of class and style to your bathroom. We have a whole variety of options on offer from different manufacturers, to make sure you can preen yourself to perfection every time.

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Bathroom Mirror Lights

For those who want everything in one place, we have multi-purpose mirror lights that have integrated shaver sockets and LED lights; we even have one that tells the time, the Saxby Beta! Alternatively, you can choose separate bathroom mirror lights and bathroom shaver lights which are great for tasks as well as creating good mood lighting when taking a bath. Switch to a mirror light or shaver light (instead of a main light) and set a peaceful relaxing mood!

  • Great for task lighting
  • Integrated shaver sockets for easy installation and less mess

The importance of bathroom mirror lighting

Whether you’re shaving, carrying out your skin care routine, or putting on make-up, good lighting is really important! The best way to achieve this is to install specific lighting at the mirror. But that’s not all that mirror or shaver lights can do: when used instead of the main bathroom light, they can create a great ambience and relaxed mood – perfect if you’re taking a bath, for example. Go for either cool white or warm white to echo the rest of your bathroom design and create the look you’re going for.

Mirrors with in-built lighting

As well as more traditional shaving and mirror lights, we also offer a range of mirrors with integrated LED lighting. These mirrors look sleek and stylish, helping create a smart, uncluttered look in your bathroom. Make your mirror more than just a functional item: make it a true design feature. We offer mirrors with different LED configurations and additional features, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. Make getting ready an enjoyable, luxury experience!

Additional features

For those who want everything in one place, we have multi-purpose mirror lights with a variety of integrated features. Some have a shaver socket included, which is really handy for shaving at the mirror – some even boast two shaving sockets! There are also mirrors with incorporated shelving, or LEDs mirrors with infra-red hand sensor on and off technology. This is perfect if you have wet hands or suddenly need extra lighting when putting on a face mask or applying shaving cream! Others have a handy pull cord. Some of the mirrors also have demister pads so you can see into them and use them even sooner after taking a bath or shower. Take a look through our range of lights and mirrors with their different aesthetics and functionalities and see which one takes your fancy.

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