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Bathroom Downlights

Adding downlights to your bathroom is one of the quickest ways to create a modern, simple lighting scheme. Bathroom downlights are hugely popular due to their ease of both fitting and maintenance. With a range of sizes, finishes and applications there's a style for every bathroom, while the trim can be specially selected to fit your bathroom design. What’s more, bathroom downlights are specially designed to be resistant to moisture, either in the form of steam or water from the shower, ensuring their durability and your safety.

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Bathroom Downlights Safety

All of the bathroom lights we offer are specifically for use in damp environments. Designed to suit bathroom conditions, they all have a minimum IP rating of 65 meaning they are fully enclosed and perfect for use in areas high moisture levels. Our downlights are so secure they can even be fitted in showers and remain safe against steam and sprays of water.

Fire Rated Dowlights

Mounting any downlight in your house requires a hole to be made in its designated surface. As a result, the fire safety of your property can be reduced. To avoid this, nearly all of our available downlights are fire rated, meaning in the event of a fire the downlight will help to slow the spread of flames by sealing off the hole in which it is mounted.


All of our bathroom downlights have a modern, minimalist look, which adds a touch of class to any bathroom. However, there is also a range of colours and materials available, so you can pick lights that fit in with the rest of your décor for a coordinated look. We offer several models available in classic chrome as well as dramatic black and stylish matt white. For the more adventurous, dare to be different with brass in modern or vintage styles. Whatever it is you’re after, you are sure to find the right size, colour and finish to suit you.

Save Money and the Planet with LEDs

Our range of downlights either use exclusively LED bulbs or have an LED option. As these bulbs consume much less energy than traditional lighting this saves you energy and money, as well as being beneficial for the environment! An additional advantage is that LED bulbs have a very long life, so you’ll hardly ever have to change them – just another way in which they will save you money. When you do finally come to throw them out, you’ll find that most LED bulbs are free from toxic materials such as mercury, so are fully recyclable. So using LEDs is an easy way to make a small positive impact on the planet. As if this weren’t enough, all of our bathroom downlights come with up to 7-year warranties!

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