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Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Good bathroom lighting is essential for any room – but it is especially important in the bathroom, as this is where we do a lot of our personal grooming! As well as the bathroom ceiling lighting being good quality, you also need a fixture that looks good and fits in with the rest of your bathroom décor. We have a fantastic range of styles available for you!

And there is another consideration for bathroom lighting too – safety. Our bathrooms get filled with moisture and steam on a daily basis, and the lighting we choose for them has to be able to withstand this. Bathroom ceiling lights are designed with this in mind.

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Bathroom Ceiling Lights

We have a great selection of bathroom ceiling lights just for you; from traditional and round bathroom ceiling lights to square and contemporary bathroom ceiling lights.... we've even got a few that have the 'bling' factor, such as the Saxby Crystal and Firstlight Pearl.

Tips for choosing bathroom ceiling lights:

  • Make sure you have the right IP rating and bathroom zone for your lights
  • Switch to LED lighting and save as much as 80% energy

Find a style to suit your bathroom

We have a fantastic selection of bathroom ceiling lights on offer for you at Juice, so you are sure to find the perfect one to match your bathroom. For those who like to keep things plain and simple we have a selection of enclosed, round bathroom ceiling lights. Or at the other end of the scale: for those who want to add a splash of glamour we have candelabra-style lights such as the Endon Tabitha. And there is plenty in between, from traditional to contemporary and from crystal lighting fixtures to LED downlights. Create atmosphere or focus on visibility – for example with a spotlight option, which allows for more targeted lighting.

IP ratings ensure bathroom safety

“IP” is short for “ingress protection”, and these ratings indicate that products are effectively sealed from dust and moisture from the atmosphere entering into them. As you can imagine, this is very important for bathroom lights. Water and electricity are not a good mix, so lights have to be extremely well sealed. All the bathroom ceiling lights are certified with IP44 or higher, meaning that they won’t be affected or damaged or cause any safety risks if exposed to steam or splashed with water. When choosing your light, make sure that the IP rating is suitable for the environment the light will be used in.

Switch to LED lighting and save as much as 80% energy

Many of our bathroom ceiling lights use LED bulbs. We would definitely recommend switching to LED lighting if you haven’t already. It is much more energy efficient than traditional lighting, consuming far less energy and wasting much less in the form of heat emissions. This means that you save money on energy bills and also do your bit for the environment. LED bulbs also require changing far less often, meaning less hassle for you as well!

Don't hesitate to call our friendly and knowledgeable sales team on 0333 4567895 if you need some help choosing your bathroom ceiling lights. In office hours, you can also speak to us directly using our brand new LIVE CHAT feature which you will see at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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