Emergency Bulkhead Lights

Emergency bulkhead lights are a necessity in many commercial and industrial settings. By law, non-domestic properties require emergency lighting in case of power outages. Fire exits and fire-fighting equipment in particular must be properly illuminated to make evacuations as safe as possible.

Bulkhead lights are the fitting connecting a light casing to a surface. Robust and effective, emergency bulkheads are highly weatherproof, so they are just as dependable in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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While bulkheads might not be the most decorative of light fixtures, they are definitely one of the most practical. They provide no-nonsense functional safety for marking out escape routes in areas such as stairwells, external spaces, and large commercial buildings. Most bulkhead lights are also rated IP65 for their weatherproof and dustproof properties, adding to their long-lasting efficiency.

Economical LED Lighting

Our range of emergency bulkhead lights use efficient LED bulbs. LED bulbs emit bright light using low energy consumption, making them ideal for emergency lighting. They also last longer than other bulbs and reduce any maintenance costs for replacing fluorescent bulbs.

LED bulbs provide significant cost-cutting capabilities through reduced heat output. LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular for business use, as their minimal heat waste means more energy savings, lower cost, and safer lighting. This makes LED bulbs more environmentally friendly than most other bulbs, reducing your business’s environmental impact along the way.

Quality Designs

Bulkhead emergency lights can be fixed to either ceilings or walls, making them versatile enough for a range of spaces. Their simplistic shapes and designs are universally recognised as emergency lights, making them the best choice for the job. Our emergency bulkheads come with a choice of casing colour, and some provide light colour temperature options to suit your setting.

Many of our emergency bulkheads at Juice Electrical are constructed from tough polycarbonate. This lightweight material is UV resistant and practically unbreakable. Polycarbonate is resistant to extreme temperatures and discolouring, providing an ideal emergency lighting solution for areas facing difficult weather conditions.

Maintained or Non-Maintained

At Juice Electrical Supplies, we offer a range of both maintained and non-maintained bulkhead lights. Your choice should depend on the setting you are lighting.

Maintained emergency lighting is always on and therefore uses more power than non-maintained alternatives. Non-maintained lighting only lights up during power outages, but will still use a small amount of electricity to maintain the backup battery. Alternatively, some of the emergency bulkheads we offer come with a microwave sensor, triggering the light to turn on only when people are within a certain, adjustable radius and for a set amount of time.

Although non-maintained is cheaper long term, these should only be used in buildings such as offices where workers are familiar with their surroundings. In open spaces used by the public, maintained emergency lighting is the safer option.