Heat Mat Underfloor Heating, Cables and Accessories

Underfloor Heating Cables, Mats and Controls

The elements that go into underfloor heating combine to create an idyllic ground climate. Imagine stepping onto a cosy surface in the cold of the winter and instantly knowing you made the perfect decision. There are a fair few components involved which deserve credit.

Underfloor heating with heat mats efficiently distributes heat across the whole floor. The mats allow you to create great heating without having to install a bulky radiator, so are fantastic for designing an uncluttered space.

Underfloor heating cables allow for the transfer of heat. They’re perfect for letting you regulate the output of warmth and increasing as, when or where it’s needed the most. Our impressive range of cables comes in a great number of varying lengths meaning whatever the size of your room, you can get it sorted with one purchase.

Cables are wired up to heating mats. This is the part that really gives you the sense of satisfaction. They provide the warmth you crave on those frosty days, using much less energy than traditional heating systems. Heat mats are extremely versatile and although we stock an incredible selection of sizes, they can be trimmed down to cover the room of a floor in its entirety. Perfect for covering every square inch.

Thermostats put you in control of your underfloor heating. Whether you’re too cold or too hot, you can easily control the temperature from one panel. These units provide simplicity and an easy to use, programmable system. We stock a good number of aesthetically superb devices, available in many different surround colours. Whatever your design or décor scheme, we have the unit that will seamlessly blend in and not look out of place.


When it comes to installing an underfloor heating system, primer is essential. Applying primer to your surface makes it unable to absorb heat, meaning that heat is instead reflected back into your room. With a choice of sizes, there’s sure to be one to suit everyone’s needs.

Board Reinforcement Tape

Designed to reduce heat loss, thermal tile board reinforcement tape is the ideal addition to your underfloor heating installation. Make sure your new heating system is as effective as possible by using board reinforcement tape.

  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Value for money
  • Energy efficient
  • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • Cables, intelligent thermostats and accessories available

Installing underfloor heating means you won’t have to rely on overusing the sometimes expensive traditional systems. They work using a much reduced power output and as heat rises, rooms fill up and embrace the warmth. You’ll have a comfortable arrangement that saves money on your bills.

Our Quality Promise

Here at Juice, we’ve been supplying ground heating for many years and we know how to make it work. With over 30 years’ experience as an electrical supplier, we’ve picked up a thing or two down the years.

One of the biggest things we’ve learned and put into practice is to only supply the best quality products. Most of this range comes from world renowned manufacturer Heat Mat, acclaimed as a superior underfloor heating specialist.

We’re so confident in our items that they come with a lifetime guarantee, so you know they’re built to stand the test of time. If you’re unsure, please give us a call on 0333 456 7895. We’ll gladly talk you through anything that’s on your mind.