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Irresistable Outdoor Warmth

Our range of options is comprised of one of the most well-respected brands in site and outdoor heating. Chosen from the high-quality Elnur manufacturer, we’ve compiled an online catalogue that meets and exceeds even the highest of demands.

We stock both wall mounted and standalone outdoor heaters, ideal in a range of situations and scenarios. Whether you’re looking to warm up your decking or patio area, provide heat for an outdoor party, or keep nice and toasty at work, you’ll find the right solution right here from Juice.

  • 12 month warranty and guarantee across entire range
  • IPX4 protected for splash proof safety
  • Differing outputs for completely controllable heat
  • Wall mounted or freestanding products suited to any environment

It’s never been so satisfying to work, play or rest at the coldest part of the day, month or year. You’ll be able to rest assured that those chilly winds can’t touch you. You’re protected by an incredibly efficient product.

Empowering Your World

Here at Juice we like to make sure we only supply items that put you in total control of your everyday life. That’s exactly why only the best products make it into our electrical supplies ranges. Our Elnur electric heaters provide you with the appliance you need to stave off minor frostbite and cold winds.

We’ve been around for over 30 years and one thing has never changed – freezing temperatures come around every year. In this time, we’ve learned how best to deal with it and have set many people up with outdoor heaters they’ve been ecstatic with. We’d be more than happy to help you next.

  • Experienced team of experts on hand and ready to help
  • Money and energy saving options
  • Great range of products for any requirement

We understand and appreciate that getting it right the first time is a must for many people. You don’t really want to start setting up and realise that something is wrong.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. A member of our friendly and knowledgeable team is at hand to guide through every step. Simply call us on 0333 456 7895, send us an email or use our LIVE CHAT feature.