RXE Plus Electric Radiators

The Elnur RXE Plus range will change the way you heat your home. With adaptive controls to suit your schedule and advanced technology for premium efficiency, this eco-friendly radiator will see you into the future of heating.

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Energy efficient electric radiators

The Elnur RXE Plus radiators boast built-in controls and timers situated in a sleek digital display. With daily programmers for precise time control and a 3-level temperature selector with comfort, economy and frost protection settings, you can come home to a warm house without wasting money and energy.

This electric inertia range uses EcoSeco technology, which generates and distributes heat via heat transmitters instead of with thermal fluid, providing a more even heat distribution. The RXE Plus creates consistent heating, as its ambient digital thermostat helps to combat large temperature fluctuations. To further enhance their efficiency, this radiator range also uses an open window detection system and adaptive start control.

The Elnur RXE Plus range produce no gases, fumes or pollutants when operating, and has achieved an ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System certification, meaning that this product was developed in accordance with environmental care throughout the production process.

This Elnur collection uses ETCO technology (Electronic Triac Control Optimiser), which restricts and controls the energy flow, helping to minimise the cost and consumption of energy.

The accurate temperature control and enhanced performance of the Elnur RXE Plus radiators makes them the best choice for efficiency in direct electric heating.

Safety and assurance guaranteed

The RXE Plus has several support systems and safety measures in place, including a five-year memory backup to prevent loss of programming in the event of any accidental disconnections. These radiators also contain a thermal safety cut out and IP2X-rated protection, ensuring safe usage.

Elnur offer a 10-year body and 5-year electronics guarantee on their products, providing you with added peace of mind that in buying the RXE Plus radiators, you’re investing in quality.

Sturdy and functional design

The Elnur RXE Plus is both stylish and efficient. Its steel body provides a durable frame, and the extruded aluminium front and upper panels increase heat cession to the room by over 50% with faster heat distribution.

This simple and compact radiator will suit almost any décor, with a neutral epoxy powder coating finish, neat panelling and rounded edges.

Whatever size room you’re looking to heat, the RXE plus has a choice of wattages to ensure it will be fully and optimally heated. Each model comes with patented wall brackets included, which can save you up to 50% of the standard installation time.

About Elnur

With over 40 years of manufacturing excellence to their name, Elnur are committed to creating a wide range of energy-efficient and cost-effective products that everyone can depend on. Their innovative solutions are rigorously controlled and monitored from their conception through to final checks, ensure top-quality excellence and performance every time.