Electric Boilers

A new and improved range of electric boilers from Elnur. The newly designed and remodelled Mattira line is now available, complete with a whole host of incredible features to save both money and energy.

Juice Electrical Supplies is delighted to be able to supply these top of the range products. Heating and hot water in the home is essential, especially in the colder months. With these reliable items, you‘ll be able to count on them at any time of day or month, taking away the fear of freezing cold rooms and showers.

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Comprehensive Features

Elnur electric boilers have been reinvented to give you exactly what you need. Gone are the days of unsightly, large units and the risk of frost impeding boiler effectiveness. With an almost endless list of mind easing benefits, these items are perfect for any home.

  • A built-in frost protection mode ensures ongoing functionality
  • A “Legionella Protection” function controls water temperature and inhibits Legionella growth
  • ErP compliance is as standard, lower emissions than previous models and much-improved energy efficiency

These features add up to electric boilers that you can be sure will provide ideal heating long into the future. There’s no need to worry about energy usage, money wastage or maintenance. All 3 are very easily accommodated in the most productive way.

Safety at the Core

In today’s eco-conscious world, we are always on the lookout for the cleanest and safest ways to perform almost any task. That’s no different with heating and water.

Electric boilers and heating are the primary methods of achieving this in the home. The Mattira range takes this and goes further than any product ever has. They give off absolutely no gases or direct pollution whilst in use, nor do they run on gases, taking away the risk of leaks or even explosions.

Mattira models are cleverly designed to guarantee longevity. Internal programs stop stagnant water from clogging the system. During long periods of inactivity, this water is removed to stop it becoming a problem.

These products also come with a stainless steel water tank. The nature of the materials means that corrosion is not an issue, allowing the unit to be used effectively and safely for a very long time. Replacement parts and servicing are required much less often, providing convenience, too.

As safety is so important, these electric boilers have a number of sensors. Whether you want to ensure perfect temperature, energy consumption or anything else, it’s easy to do so. You don’t even have to do anything. Simply use these sensors to know how everything is running.

Your New Unit

The new Mattira range of Elnur electric boilers consists of the MAC15 and MAS15 units. Both of these are wonderful by design and effective by function. Install one today and you may never have to worry about water and heating again.

If you need a hand deciding which product is right for you, please let us know. We’re a friendly bunch here at Juice and one of our experts would be more than happy to lend a hand.

Simply call us on 0333 456 7895 or get in touch using our contact form. We’ll help you with any questions you have on the Elnur Mattira range and advise you on how they could be a making a difference in your home immediately.