Elnur Heaters

Discover electric heating that exudes quality, efficiency and innovation with Elnur heaters. Using both eco fluid (oil filled) and Eco Seco (oil free) technology, the thermal inertia radiators by Gabarron are 100% efficient, meaning zero energy wastage.

A warm home is a happy home, and with an Elnur heater, you can keep cosy without harming the environment.

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Elnur have a wide range of heating solutions, from electric and storage heaters to programmable thermostats and electric boilers. Elnur heaters offer total control of your heating whilst remaining cost-effective and energy-efficient.

With over 40 years of manufacturing excellence, Elnur are committed to providing a wide range of unique products to cater for everyone’s heating needs. As one of the leading European providers of electric heating, you can rest assured that Elnur products are highly efficient and reliable, which is reflected in their extensive product and component warranties.

Elnur RXE Plus Radiators

The eco-friendly and innovative radiators in the Elnur RXE Plus range will change the way you heat your home forever. Using state-of-the-art technology and adaptive controls, your heating solution is fully customisable to you and your household routines.

Elnur RXE Plus Technology

The Elnur RXE Plus radiators are designed with built-in controls and timers in a sleek digital display. These radiators feature daily programmers for precise time control, meaning you can come home to a warm house without wasting energy all day. The 3-level temperature selector provides comfort, economy and frost protection settings to suit your use.

This range uses EcoSeco technology, which uses a transmitter instead of thermal fluid, providing more even heat distribution. The RXE Plus achieves consistent heat, avoiding large temperature fluctuations with its accurate ambient chronothermostat. Combined with an open window detection system and adaptive start control, the RXE Plus is fantastic at reducing your household energy waste.

Elnur RXE Plus Design

The Elnur RXE plus boasts a simple and compact design. Crafted with a steel body and an extruded aluminium front and upper panels, the RXE Plus is both aesthetic and efficient. The aluminium increases heat cession to the room by over 50% with faster heat distribution.

This radiator will suit almost any décor, with a neutral-coloured epoxy powder coating and neat rounded edges.

A choice of wattages is available to suit any size of room. Each RXE Plus product is supplied with patented wall brackets that can save up to 50% of the installation time.

Elnur Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are the ideal solution to keeping your home nice and cosy all day without costing the earth. Elnur storage heaters pack a lot of heat into a little heater and with maximum safety in mind.

Comprising of high-quality insulation materials with low thermal conductivity, overheating protection, and temperature sensors, you can leave your Elnur storage heater on all day without worrying about it. These storage heaters charge overnight using off-peak electricity and adjust charging levels based on the climate, so they won’t cost a fortune to run.

Elnur Electric Boilers

Seen as some of the safest boilers money can buy, Elnur electric boilers are crafted with many preventative measures to ensure peace of mind and product longevity:

  • Anti-blocking control to remove stagnant water and protect the unit from damage
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel tank
  • 100% electric, avoiding risk of leaking or explosions and saving you both money and energy

Juice Electrical Supplies offer both heating and combi boilers by Elnur.

Elnur Thermostats

Elnur thermostats make it possible to control multiple Elnur heating appliances at once, including radiators, towel rails, and boilers. Rooms and zones are fully programmable, and with Wi-Fi connectivity you can adjust the temperature of your house from anywhere via smartphone or tablet.

Elnur heating products are an ideal solution to a cosy and safely heated home. If you have any questions about our range of Elnur products, get in touch with Juice Electrical Supplies today on 0333 456 7895.