Electrorad Aeroflow

Electrorad's Aeroflow range of electric fireclay core radiators have been designed purely to provide heat exactly where and when you want it. Both radiant and convection heat are emitted to ensure a comfortable room temperature for you and your family.

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Electrorad Aeroflow

The many advantages of the Aeroflow include no maintenance, no fluids, no boiler or pipes and are easily installed, fully controllable and are 100% efficient.

  • 30 Year Guarantee
  • Fireclay heat plates
  • German technology
  • Digital electronic thermostat
  • Slimline and modern design

Conservatory Radiators

Made specifically in 300mm height, the Aeroflow conservatory radiators will fit snugly on dwarf walls or under low window sills. With a built-in room thermostat, your conservatory will maintain the pre-determined settings by automatically sensing when more or less heat is required. 

  • Choice of 2 sizes and wattage outputs
  • Energy efficient
  • Built-in room thermostat 

How the Aeroflow works...

When you switch on your radiator, it kick starts the element for instant heat which is transmitted to the heat plates. The heat is then transferred to the metal casing and flutes of the radiator into the room by radiant heat. Powerful convection heat is provided via the hollow flutes.

When the temperature in a room drops, the intelligent thermostat senses the change and switches the heater on. Therefore, the temperature in the room is maintained continually to ensure your ongoing comfort.

This can all be controlled by yourself through the digital electronic thermostat and timing control to accurately set and manage the desired temperature.  

For more information and techy details, check out the Electrorad Aeroflow brochure which should answer any questions you may have...