Wireless Heaters

Comfort and warmth are two of the many things that really make a house a home. A cosy room is usually a very happy one and wireless heaters can enhance this aura of happiness even more.

The smart technology used in these products help to give you more than ever before. Innovative products built on energy efficiency and convenience offer any room the optimum in heating. Whether you’re looking for something for your home, workspace or anywhere else, you’ll be able to find what you’re after right here.

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Control and Convenience

Juice Electrical Supplies has a range of high-quality wireless heating options on offer. With a whole host of sizes and wattages, you’re sure to find the perfect item to fit seamlessly in your rooms. Add the fact that these products offer a new way to effortlessly take control of your setup and it’s easy to see why so many people are raving about them.

Each and every product in this category comes with built-in wireless connectivity. This means that you can set, revise, activate and deactivate your system without even having to move. Simply download the manufacturer’s app to your tablet and smartphone, connect to your units and complete and total control is right in your hands.

Sitting in the lounge and feeling a bit chilly? On the bus and want your home to be warm when you walk through the door? Forgot to turn the heating off when you left? All you have to do is reach for your smart device and alter your setup accordingly. You’ll never have to worry about your system not performing exactly how and when you want.

Superb Range of Wireless Heating

Our range of wireless heaters is home to a multitude of items. From boilers and radiators to towel rails and thermostats, every aspect of your heating is covered.

Thanks to the wireless heating technology, many of these products can be used in conjunction with each other, too. The Elnur Connected range features a scope of items, all inter-connectable and able to be programmed from one common source – the Elnur Connected app.

As such, control is boosted even more. You’re able to handle different units, rooms and temperatures as individual components or as part of a uniformly performing system. What’s more, these items all come with a preinstalled thermostat with incredible accuracy of ±1°C. Your building is as comfortable as you want it without compromise.

  • Great choice of wireless heaters for any room or building
  • Complete control of units with companion smartphone and tablet app
  • Warranties and guarantees across the range
  • Energy efficient for increased energy and money savings
  • Easy installation, little maintenance required

Here to Help

Wireless heaters can transform any home instantly. With them in place, you’ll be able to efficiently manage your heating.

If you’re thinking of having them installed but aren’t quite sure of certain aspects, get in touch with us. Call us on 0333 456 7895 or send us an email and one of our friendly experts will help with whatever it is that is bothering you.