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Here at Juice Electrical, we’re proud to be able to offer our customers a choice between a 5 litre boiler water dispenser from ATC or a 7.5 litre alternative, also from ATC. Ideal for a number of different industries within the commercial sector, these instant boiling water dispensers are both simple to use and quick to install, meaning disruption is kept to an absolute minimum in the workplace.

With a modern, sleek, stainless steel finish, these efficient dispensers are mounted to the wall for the safety of others. This way, excess boiling water doesn’t make its way onto counter or tabletops, subsequently, this means that your employees are far less likely to suffer burns and scalds as a result of poorly fitted or worn boiling water dispensers.

This instant boiling water dispenser is unlike any other on the market, purely down to its eco-friendly, efficient properties. In fact, this boiling water dispenser is 75% more energy-efficient than more conventional means of boiling water, such as a kettle or coffee machine, for example. This is made possible with the unique filling method, which saves both time and electricity. 

Due to its contemporary design and durable materials, this boiling water dispenser is easy to maintain and quick to clean. Subsequently, these boiling water dispensers are perfect for use in sterile conditions, such as staff rooms and communal areas in hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries, commercial kitchens and even dentist practices.

Some of the other industries and commercial spaces that’ll be able to benefit from a water dispenser such as this one include the following:

  • Staff rooms in schools, supermarkets, restaurants, airports and other settings
  • Communal spaces in offices and universities
  • Restaurant areas in hotels, particularly at breakfast

This Presto EcoBoil Instant Boiling Water Dispenser is exceptionally safe to use, with no additional training or courses required. With steam-free capabilities, you won’t have to worry about anyone coming into contact with hot steam. 

It’s also well-known that steam can cause damp, mould and damage to other items in and around the immediate vicinity. With this water dispenser, you can be absolutely certain that your property will be kept clean and safe if you choose this product from ATC.


If you’d like more information about the ATC Presto EcoBoil Instant Boiling Water Dispensers we have available, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable, expert team of specialists today - we’re always on hand to help.