Lifestyle Thermal Electric Radiators

This is where you will find the ATC Lifestyle Thermal Electric Radiator. Powered by the latest technology, these units will give you unprecedented control over the heating of your home. Various energy efficiency features will prevent energy from being wasted and keep your bills down. Choose when to turn your heating on and don’t worry about open windows leading to wasted heat.

Fantastic build quality ensures that your radiator will stand the test of time. The Lifestyle is manufactured in Europe, where ATC can keep a close eye on standards and quality. Each radiator goes through vigorous testing to ensure that you will never buy an ATC product that is sub-standard.

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The latest technology

These radiators are powered by cutting edge tech that will change how you heat your home and save you money on your heating.

  • PID Intelligent Control and Triac electronic thermostat provide you with unprecedented control over the temperature of your room. Accurate to 0.2°C and using only the electricity required to keep your room at the temperature you want it to be at, you will see the benefits immediately.
  • Adaptive start control function. The Lifestyle will measure the temperature of the room before the programmed starting time to make sure that the heating will only come on when it is necessary, saving energy.
  • Open window technology. These radiators can detect when there is a window open in the room, through temperature sensors. After 20 minutes of a window being open, the radiator will turn off to prevent wasted energy.
  • Fully programmable. Choose between digital and manual programming and three distinct operating modes; comfort, eco and frost protection. ATC are promoting versatility with this unit. Choose when your heating comes on and when it turns off.
  • Manual override. The Lifestyle allows you to react to unexpected events. You can use the manual mode for when you get home early and it’s colder than you expected.

Designed to be easy to install and operate, the Lifestyle works around you and your home. Make a heating schedule that turns on when you need it to, turns off when you need it to and saves you money.

Subtle good looks

Style really is one of the words here. These radiators have been designed with looks in mind. A clean, white and completely modern looking unit will complement your office, living room or dining room. Perfect for a minimalist interior décor, but this unit can fit anywhere due to its understated looks.

Who said that radiators couldn’t also be a room feature? At Juice, we see the beauty in all electricals, big and small.

Get in touch

If you have any queries or things you want discuss concerning our ATC Lifestyle Thermal Electric Radiators, then go ahead and call us on 0333 456 7895 or use our handy contact form. We love to talk about what you’re planning.